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A girl and her dog

Hadley got a LeapFrog Scout for her birthday. It is such an awesome toy. Cady had that creepy Fisher Price dog, and had a lot of fun with him. Scout is similar but WAY cooler. You can connect him to the the computer via a USB and from there you can personalize him. He can know your child’s name (and they had Hadley on the list!) and you can pick what songs he sings and different things like that. It is pretty awesome. Needless to say, Hadley loves that Scout knows her name. She was being pretty cute with him yesterday.


One Year Ago Today: Santa’s Gifts




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Bye Bye


One Year Ago Today: Happy New Year!


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Girls just wanna have fun

We had some Get Well balloons given to us over a month ago when Cady hurt her leg. The girls were getting a big kick out of them on Friday.



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Hadley E. Walkerson

Yesterday Hadley was a walking machine. And man, can this girl scoot! She’s quick. I put slippers on her and I think she might have like the sound the grippies made on the hardwood. She just walking in circles.

And this one is just her being silly. After she slips, check out that dirty look I get. Like I pushed her or something. HA!


One Year Ago Today: Checking In





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That face

Drama queen antics already. When Hadley doesn’t like something this is what she does. Most “no-no’s” are met with this face. It is hard to keep a straight face when she does this

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Dancing and Kisses

It was right around this age that Cady started dancing. Hadley’s version is a bit different since she doesn’t pull-up or cruise yet. But she still has some major moves. A lot of times she will do this really cute bobble head move, but she stopped doing it when I got the camera out.

And you would think that these girls don’t ever get kisses, huh? Both learned to give kisses right around the same age. Cady’s version (I apologize for my appearance, I had finished working out not long before).

Hadley giving kisses:

Two Years Ago Today: Kindermusik – Day 4

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How Hadley gets around

Hadley can get herself around pretty well now days. She isn’t really crawling… more scooting or something.

I tried to get a couple of videos. In the first one she sort of just spins herself around, which is actually one of her other forms of mobility.

She seems to understand “No no” fairly well, huh?


And the second one, she does quite a bit of moving around. Plus, you get to see and hear quite a bit of Cady (and me, sorry)

She might end up crawling the traditional way after all, but if not then she has obviously figured out something that works for her.




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Knock, Knock

I don’t know where she picked it up, but this weekend Cady has started telling “Knock, knock” jokes.

She doesn’t really understand the whole concept because all of hers are

“Knock, knock”

“Who’s there?”


And then the punchline follows. A lot of time the punchline is Cady and then whatever she is doing right at that moment. But they are still so funny to me. I also don’t think she gets real “Knock, knock” jokes when I tell them to her. But we still have fun with them.

So tonight she wanted to “play knock knock” and she kept saying the same punchline over and over. But I have no clue what it was because she would get so tickled by the thought of it that she would start cracking up as she was saying it.

I caught it on video. This is the sweet, silly, absolutely crazy little girl I get to spend every day with. And I love it.

I apologize for my voice and my cough in the video. Allergies are kicking my butt again right now and my voice has disappeared.

Also, please feel free to share what YOU think Cady’s punchline is or even some good “Knock, knock” jokes. I’m running out of material. 😉


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Yay Hadley!

Hadley has learned to clap. I think it is so cute when babies learn this. Here is Cady after she first learned.

And sorry you have to hear so much of me.

On Year Ago Today: Wordless Wednesday: Corn On The Cob

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Hadley and Brutus

This is the reaction he gets all the time from her. She is obsessed with him. When Cady was her age she barely paid attention to Brutus or Caesar unless they were doing something silly. Now, if he moves, she is locked on and watching.

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