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(Thank you to Becca for taking these and letting me borrow them before the grandparents go through withdrawal)

Last week Cady’s friend Kate invited Cady and Kendall over for some pizza and a playdate.

When we got there Kate’s little sister Ella was still napping upstairs, so Tiffany has some pictures for the girls to paint.

After painting the girls played while we waited for the pizza to arrive

The pizza came and the girls gobbled it up

After lunch we all moved upstairs to the playroom. Cady and Kendall were very entertained by the Busy Ball Popper

Then Kate decided she was going to play Hide and Seek. This is Cady’s new favorite game. Jason and Hadley play it with her all the time. So she was thrilled to be on the hunt with Kendall

Here they are counting. They were hilarious

They found her!

Then Kendall and Cady went to hide. I love how excited Kendall looks in this one.

And the next two I love just because it makes me able to picture what they are going to be like in a few more years.

I love the excitement you can just feel from Kate and Kendall

And this one makes me think about how much fun they are going to have as they get older and how much they are going to get into.

Thank you Kate and Tiffany for having us over!


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