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Kindermusik, Christmas Party, and Santa

Yesterday was a busy day. Cady’s Christmas party for school was yesterday (we are on break until the new year, time to break out the crafts) and Hadley’s last day of Kindermusik for the session was also yesterday. Both are important events to me, so I didn’t want to miss either. Luckily Jason had a personal day he needed to take before the end of the year, so he decided to spend the day with us.

After we dropped Cady off at school, we rushed to Kindermusik. We’ve really enjoyed this session. First, the other parents and kids are just a great group. It makes it so much more fun if there is a fun group of people to spend that hour with. All the kids are right around the same age, so it is fun to watch them together. And the parents are just really fun folks. We hope to have most in our class next year.

I was able to capture some shots during drum time.

Hadley and her buddy, Conway, sharing the drum so nicely.

After Kindermusik and some lunch, we headed back to Cady’s school for the Christmas party.

We made all her friends and classmates cute little goodies (inspired by a Pinterest idea, of course)

They had so much fun at the party. Lunch was Chik-Fil-A, which is always a winner. They made a couple of really adorable crafts and were just wild and crazy 3 year olds.

Cady was sad to leave because she is going to miss her friends and her teachers so much over the next couple of weeks. I can’t say enough how much we adore Ms. Kelly and Ms. Vicki. They are pretty much the best ever.

After naps, we decided to go pay Santa at the mall a visit. I was hoping by going on an off day at an off time, we might be able to miss the crowds. I was right! One group was in front of us. We didn’t have to wait long at all. I wasn’t sure how Hadley would react, but I was very prepared for her to cry. She did not disappoint.

She would cry, stop, look at Santa, and cry some more. It was hilarious. Poor little Pork Chop. I think I can get one more crying Easter Bunny picture, and our crying days are likely over. Hadley will probably be a huge Santa fan by next Christmas.

It was a fabulous fun filled day!

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(almost) Wordless Wednesday – Kindermusik Edition

I am loving doing Kindermusik with Hadley. It is even more special for the two of us than it was with Cady because it is some of our rare one on one time. It has been super important to do things with each child individually. Also, Kindermusik is almost more needed for Hadley because she is much more timid than Cady. She is much slower to warm up to people. She is just now warming up to Ms. Sandy and we practically live at the dance studio part time. I’m not going to comment on the pictures. Just know that I think they are precious and I appreciate so much that Ms. Sandy takes them for us.

Tomorrow is Cady’s Costume Parade and Halloween Party! She (and I) is so excited about wearing her costume. Stay tuned for pics.

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Hadley started Kindermusik last week. I feel it was a very integral part of Cady’s development. It helped her with social interaction until she was able to get into Mother’s Day Out. I know that it will be just as wonderful for Hadley.

We are actually in a unit that we have done before with Cady. So it is very neat to have that familiarity with it. It is Hickory Dickory Dock and focuses a lot on nursery rhymes. Hadley and her friend, Grayson, are the youngest in the class. All the other kids are at least 6 months older than them.

It has been a lot different with a child that isn’t sitting upright yet. Cady started Kindermusik around 6 months. Hadley is almost there. She has started doing the tri-pod pose a little bit. She is always trying to sit up and see what is going on around her. Since she isn’t yet though it is difficult to get pictures. Today I had my phone on me and was able to quickly snap a couple of sweet ones.

Under the parachute.

And this was a towel ride with her buddy, Grayson. Sweet boy was getting tired, so he was kind of over it. And though it might not look like it, he loved holding Hadley’s hand. Who wouldn’t?

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Last Kindermusik class

at least for a while anyway. We’ve been in Kindermusik for almost 2 years, but are going to take a break this summer. Cady is starting school two days a week. We are also going to give swim lessons and gymnastics a try this summer. I just think our schedules will be too overwhelming to add Kindermusik into that mix. I have to say we are pretty sad about it because we have so much fun every week and we will miss Miss Sandy. But I do think getting out and trying a couple of new things will be good for Cady. Plus, we definitely plan to start Kindermusik again in the Fall when things slow down a little bit again.

Unfortunately our little class has dwindled down to just a few kiddos this semester. We started out with 7 kids. Sweet Charlotte is away in China (and we miss her so!). Another friend just had a lot going on at home and they had to take a break. Another little girl had surgery recently and just wasn’t feeling up to being back in class. So that left us with 4, Cady, Rylie, Aaron and Aniyah. Unfortunately MissĀ  Rylie was sick yesterday and had to miss so there were only 3 kids in class. We sure missed Rylie, but the kids definitely had fun.

Cady and Aaron were waiting for Aniyah to show up. Cady got into a basket and Aaron tried to push her around

After our Hello song and a couple of activities that were hard to capture on film, the kids sat down to play some instruments.

Aaron is going to be a percussionist when he grows up. I just know it. He was giving Cady some lessons.

Then we went on the towel rides. Cady looked like she was trying to land planes with her two flashlights

And thank goodness we got to play with the parachute during our last class before a break. It is definitely Cady’s favorite.

At the end of the class the kids all said bye to each other. Cady gave Aaron a big hug. You think he would be used to hugs from girls since he has 3 older sisters, but I guess he gets enough of that at home. LOL

We really are going to miss Kindermusik and most of all Miss Sandy this summer. We couldn’t ask for a teacher that is any better or loves these kids any more. Thanks Sandy!

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Again this week it was tough to get pictures of Cady because she was in constant motion.

She is playing her shakers

She played them on her shoulders

And her knees

And she danced while she played

She really concentrated

And danced some more

Here we were about to listen to something so she was rubbing her ears to listen better

We got the parachute out and the kids had a blast with it

Cady even helped shake the parachute

She took a boat ride

After the ride was over we docked our boat next to Rylie to listen to a story

The Momma in the story had strong arms. Cady was showing us her muscles and that she has strong arms too.

Then we played with the bells

We finished up class by playing with bouncy balls

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I really should come up with more descriptive titles for these since there are about 40 entries called “Kindermusik” but I’ve got nothin’

This week it was hard to get pictures because Cady was in motion the entire time. A lot of my pictures turned out grainy because I had to shoot in action mode. It reduces the quality a lot, but at least she’s not just a blur.

This week was our friend Charlotte’s last class for a while. She and her mom and dad are going to China for a few months! I’m really excited about the opportunity they are getting, but we sure are going to miss them. Cady and Char are two little peas in a pod.

We use these hula hoops a lot in class. Sometimes they are cars or trains or boats. I *think* they were boats this week, but I don’t remember.

She was bouncing her hula hoop on the ground

Charlotte and Cady are quite energetic when we get them together

Just a cute picture

Later they took “boat rides” We pulled their “boats” around on the towels

Afterwards we lined up all the kids in their boats to *TRY* to get a good group picture

Three of the cutest girls around Cady, Rylie and Charlotte

The whole group

Aaron was trying to convince Cady she wanted his flashlight because he wanted her red one. When she wasn’t buying it he kind of pouted with his thumb in his mouth. Cady started mocking him LOL


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I got nothin’…..

I was doing really good with posts. Tons of content. I’m out. So today I will share with you this adorable picture our wonderful Kindermusik teacher, Ms. Sandy, got of Cady a few weeks back. She is so wonderful to capture great pictures of our kiddos and share them with us. Thanks Sandy!

Stay tuned. I think I’m going to do the big Halloween costume reveal tomorrow.

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I finally remembered to take my camera to Kindermusik this week. And due to lots of text and little pictures the last few posts I will try to do the exact opposite this post.

In the “hammock”

Her friend, Owen, was very into her socks

Cady and Owen playing footsie

Cady and Mommy doing some reading

And finally a video of my little chatterbox. What do you think she is talking about?

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Attention shoppers

I’m back. But still no pictures. But really, aren’t videos better?

I thought everyone would like to see her walking abilities. (Google video is acting crazy today so I’m trying this new site. Let me know if the video doesn’t work for you) Never mind. Google Video started working for me again

We went to KinderMusik on Tuesday this week. Instead of out usual class with 3 to 4 other babies, we were in a class with about 15 other babies. It took Cady a little while to take it all in, but I think this new Tuesday class is going to be good for her. I also think I’m making a new mom friend.

She truly is learning something new every day. The newest thing we are working on is waving hi and bye. Hopefully I can get a video of it soon.

I really am going to try to have new pictures the next time I post.

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Sorry, life got the better of me and its been hard to find time to blog. Plus my camera batteries died and cute things were trapped inside. But we are back, we are charged up and we are ready to blog.

Cady is a pulling up machine now. Anything and everything she pulls up on. I discovered this when I went into her room after one of her naps.

Now its how I find her every morning and after every nap. Its also how I find her in the middle of the night sometimes. We’ll save that for a later time.

She also had found that the baby gate keeping her out of the front room is also a great place to pull up.

At first, getting back down was a problem. She’s getting a little better at that part.

She is still doing really well on the solid foods. We are doing three meals a day and a few bottle throughout the day. We really haven’t found anything she doesn’t like. Her favorites are pretty much everything. Obviously she and I have our feeding thing down. Cady and Daddy…. sometimes not so much.

That’s what happened while Daddy fed her. I don’t think she was as pissed as she looked. But even if she was, can you blame her? She has bananas up to her eyebrows.

We are working on using the sippy cup also. She is doing ok on that front. A lot of times I catch her with it upside down. I’m talking spout pointing at the floor and chewing on the bottom of the cup. She’s getting the hang of it slowly though. The newest thing we’ve started is feeding herself. After dinner and sometimes lunch, she gets a few sweet potato puffs on her tray and chases them around. The hand-eye coordination is getting better.

And now some random shots.

She loves the dogs and she loves playing with them. I just wish she wasn’t so interested in their toys (and vice versa).

The silly girl wiggled her way into one of my shirts the other day. Still a little big, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

That’s all I have right now. We start Kindermusik class tomorrow. If I have a chance to take pictures I will.


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