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Show me your teeth!

(I am more thrilled than I should be that I can use Lady Gaga lyrics for my kids blog)

Cady had her very first dental appointment today for a checkup/cleaning. To say that it was a success would be an understatement. She actually had a good time!

We chose a pediatric dental center in our area. It came highly recommended, plus it didn’t hurt that the dentist did his undergrad work at UCA. GO BEARS!

I talked it up like I tend to do so maybe it wouldn’t be such a scary experience.

The office is so cute. It is decorated all in a jungle/safari theme. The waiting area is perfect. Toys and games and crayons. It was heaven for Cady.

The dental assistants were super sweet and definitely put us both at ease.

Cady was wonderful. She was so cooperative and just did a fabulous job. She got to wear some cool Ariel shades. The dental assistant explained everything to her. She let her touch the instruments and see how they were going to work before she ever made her lie down on the table. She also got to pick her flavor of cleaner… toothpaste… whatever it is on that rotating brush thing. She chose cherry.

She opened up wide and let the dental assistant do her thing with no problem.

Then she had to get some X-rays taken. How teeny does she look in that big ‘ol chair?

Again, she did fabulous.

The dentist came out and looked everything over. He checked out her x-rays and said everything was perfect. No buildup or anything. And definitely no cavities.

Cady can’t wait to go back in 6 months!

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