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Cady and Hadley have been interacting more and more lately. It is easily my favorite thing in the world. I want nothing more than for them to be the best of friends as they grow up. I was able to catch them earlier this week playing together. It is actually more like Cady was playing WITH Hadley. She is like her own living, breathing baby doll.

Hadley was a good sport, but soon the make over became tiring.

I’m not sure she was a fan of the final outcome.

One Year Ago Today: Empty Playroom



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Carnival Day

The school year is winding down. I am getting really sad about it. We have been really lucky. Cady has two great teachers who are just so wonderful and so loving to her and the other kids. She also has some really great friends she has met in this class. I am really hoping some of them end up in the same class next year.

While it is sad, the end of school is always really fun too. Cady’s school plans really fun things at the end of the year. Thursday was Carnival Day. They had tons of really fun stuff set up outside for the kids to do.

Hadley’s schedule worked out just perfectly so I could hang out and help corral the kids. Let me tell you, keeping up with 12 three year olds is no easy task. I do not know how many times I counted to 12. Luckily, they are all really good kids and made it as easy as possible.

There was an inflatable slide and a bouncy castle. The kids had so much fun.

It wasn’t too hot since we FINALLY got some rain the night before, but it was H-U-M-I-D. So the kids went inside to get some sno cones and cotton candy. Both were big hits with everyone, but Cady didn’t like the cotton candy. She got her fill of sno cones though.

There was also a clown who was doing really cool arm painting (instead of face painting). She was amazing. She did really cute stuff and she did it quick. Cady chose balloons.

Her best buddy, Logan, chose a shark and they wanted a picture together with their masterpieces.

We went back outside and let them run around and pick between a few different things. They had lots of outdoor toys. Cady, Logan and Jaxon decided to play their own brand of horseshoes.

Ms. Nikki tried to teach Cady and Carter how to use those things (I have no idea what they are)

They sort of got the hang of it.

There were tables set up with Spin Art stations. Ms. Nikki helped Cady make some Spin Art.

After all the outdoor fun, we took the kids back to the classroom and they had a yummy lunch. I love being there for lunch because I get to see her say Grace. So precious. I took a video (sorry it of the back of her head).

What was Hadley doing during all this fun?

Sweet girl.

We have an exciting weekend coming up. Cady’s first dance recital is Saturday. As long as I have a cooperative camera, I will have pics and videos. Also, next week is Water Day at Cady’s school. I will likely be skipping Hadley’s last Kindermusik class this term, so I can be there to help out (and take cute pics).

Two years Ago Today: Now We’re Cooking

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You might remember this video from when Cady was around 5 months old:

Well Hadley is starting to practice her raspberry skills as well

One Year Ago Today: Big girl cups

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Crazy Hand Hadley

Today at Kindermusik I noticed an interesting quirk of Hadley’s. She has a crazy hand. But only when she is holding on to an object. She can’t seem to keep it still when there is something in her hand. I thought it might just be a fluke at Kindermusik, but then I noticed it while she was playing after we got home. So I tested out my theory and sure enough. So, of course, I got a video of it.

Oh and by the way, I don’t just toss my kid anywhere on the floor. She has a perfectly good play mat that she just rolls right off of and then she just hangs out in the middle of the floor.

Two Years Ago Today: Pool Videos

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Cady’s Easter Party

On Tuesday, Cady’s class had a special Easter party and Easter egg hunt. I always love getting to see her in that element. Plus, a room full of 3 year old’s is pretty entertaining.

The kid’s get a special treat of McDonald’s Happy Meals on these days.

Hadley is really into faces and hair right now. If one of these things gets within arm’s reach she is grabbing on. I think I had just removed a handful of Cady hair from one of those chubby little fists.

After lunch, the kiddos headed out of the classroom to hunt some eggs

Two of Cady’s classmates have younger siblings that were there. The Little’s hung out together 😉

We walked out with Logan and his mom and baby brother. Cady and Logan are just so sweet together. They love to hold hands.

Such a cute couple! I just don’t think she could have picked a cuter or sweeter little boy for her first “boyfriend”

2 Years Ago: The Thumbkin Trauma

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Happy Easter

Love Hadley and Cady

One Year Ago Today: Cady’s New Moves

Two Years Ago Today: These Boots Were Made For

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5 Months

Happy 5 Months Hadley Elizabeth!

Aah! 5 months already! This is going way too fast. She is getting to be so big. As you can tell by her pictures she is sitting up really well. I still wouldn’t trust her to sit on the floor by herself, but she is so close. I think she is going to love being able to sit be herself. I know I am going to love not having to haul her around in that crazy baby carrier. We bought Cady a new car seat that will get her through until she is done with car seats and boosters completely. So as soon as Hadley is able to sit in carts and things like that, the baby carrier is out and we will be putting the Britax in the car for her. I’m ready.

I think this sweet girl’s eyes are officially going to be blue. I’ve been giving them time to change (and I know they still could), but I do think they are likely to stay this way. I love that I have a beautiful brown eyed girl and a sweet little blue eyed girl too. It only makes sense that Cady looks so much like Jason and has his brown eyes and Hadley resembles me so much and has my blue eyes (although hers a darker blue).

She is still growing well. She is in size 4 diapers. I want to say that Cady was in size 4 when she was close to 2 years old. So Hadley is still a good sized girl. Her clothes are from 6-12 months. And I actually put something on her a week or so ago that was 18 months. My sweet pork chop.

She is sleeping very well. She is completely out of the sleep sack. She isn’t waking at any point in the night. She does wake up around 5am, but I don’t know I could go 10 hours without eating. I can’t complain at all.

We started Kindermusik this past month and she is loving it. It does happen to fall during her morning nap (like she actually has a schedule. HA!), but one thing that can be said about this girl is that she is adaptable. She really has to be a go-with-the-flow kind of gal because all our schedules pretty much revolved around Cady’s. Hadley catches a nap when and where she can.

Comparison pics:



We love you Hadley Elizabeth!

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Pic Dump

I don’t have much to say, but I do have a lot of pictures.

I will say that Cady and I survived Edouard. We got a lot of rain and a lot of wind. We lost power for about 1.5-2 hours in total. Jason was in New Orleans on business, so we did it by ourselves.

Cady is trying to decide if she wants to crawl and how. She keeps trying all sorts of ways. The newest is her bear crawl.

Showing off the teeth

More of that sweet smile

“What does this onesie say?!?!?”

I introduced her to a bear that friends brought us the night before she was born

I really do adore her bald spot (although I wouldn’t be too sad if it decided to finally fill in)

Doesn’t this baby just look like she’s up to something? This is part of the process of going from her belly to sitting upright all by herself. Yes, she does this. At less than 6 months old. I’m so impressed with this child.

And some After bath pictures. In the second one you can see those teeth again. So cute!

And Cady and her best buddy, DADDY! Shes seriously thinks he is just the greatest. As soon as she realizes he is in a room she is watching him.

And the last one. An outtake from this past weekend that I like to called “Basket Head.” I was in the middle of getting Cady dressed. I got up to get something and she pulled her toy basket over her head. She just laid there and babbled inside the basket. I think this girl is the silliest.

Okay I think I have officially posted every picture there is of this kid.


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Things we love – August Edition

Things I love:

This smile (and this outfit, Thanks Nana!)

Those eyes

That Cady “helped” me with the laundry the other day (matching Jason’s socks is my least favorite part)

That Cady’s hair is getting just long enough to start wearing big bows (and this outfit too, Thanks Monica!)

Things Cady loves:

Making this noise



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Just a quick funny

I have no pictures. I’ve been a bad blogger again and haven’t taken any recently.

So this child may be the spitting image of Jason, but she definitely has some of my qualities.

She was in the throes of a atomic meltdown after her bath. She enjoys her bath, but after she gets out she wants a bottle. She doesn’t want a diaper, lotion, or any of that stuff.

The one thing that will calm her down: brushing her hair. She automatically stops and sits there like a perfect angel while I brush her hair. She is so my daughter and knows the value of having good hair )

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