Letter to Santa

Today Cady wrote her letter to Santa. I think her arm got tired toward the end.


It says “Dear Santa, I have been a good girl. I would like a bike, please. I will leave you milk and cookies. Love, Cadence”

And then we sent it off to the North Pole!


I’m crossing my fingers Santa sends something back.


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Hadley Elizabeth – 24 Months

Happy Birthday, Hadley Elizabeth!

2 years with #2 is so different. Jason and I talk all the time about how different things have been with Hadley. First, she talks an amazing amount. I would say her speech is on par with a child closer to 3 than a child who just turned 2. Because of that it is sometimes I forget she is only 2.

I took her to her well child check up. We are extremely lucky to live in the same town as some family and that family happens to be a pediatrician. So it is so nice to take Hadley to someone who not only loves her like family, but actually is family. She is doing well. She is 36 inches (97th percentile, Cady was around 34″ at 2). We *think* she weighs about 26 lbs (40th percentile, Cady was about 24 lbs at 2). Hadley has always disliked standing on the scale at the dr’s office for some strange reason. Her checkup went great except she has an ear infection. No symptoms of it at all, but we have some antibiotics to get it cleared up now. She did get one vaccine, but did so good during it. She didn’t even cry! She throws a massive fit about standing on the scale, but can totally handle shots. What the heck?!?!

Another thing that comes with age 2 is potty training. We are not really doing it right now. If I learned anything with Cady, it is that I will follow Hadley’s lead. She sometimes asks to sit on the potty, and I let her. But she’s never done anything while sitting there, so I don’t think she is anywhere close. But I’m just watching for signs from her and her teachers are too. No rush.

Hadley, personality wise, is just the sweetest. She is becoming such an outgoing, friendly kid (I was afraid that would never happen). I believe school has really helped with that. She still has her clingy moments, but for the most part she is a super confident and happy go lucky little girl. Everyone just falls in love with her sweet smile and her funny little personality.

She is testing her limits right now, but she is a pretty easy kid. She will try to disobey, but a stern look or a threat of timeout is usually enough. I think it helps that Cady provides a pretty good example for her (most of the time). I really do love this age and Cady and Hadley together are just the sweetest ever.

We love you, Hadley Elizabeth!

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This ain’t my first rodeo, IT’S MY 2ND!

This weekend we celebrated Hadley’s 2nd birthday and the above was the theme (along with “vintage cowgirl”). We just kept it a small family gathering at our house. I wish I had thought to get more pictures, but I was trying to be a good hostess and just forgot. I only did a few decorations, but they were really cute. This was above the fireplace in our living room and the first thing you saw when you walked in.

I made another swag of bandanas above the gift table, but didn’t get a picture of it. You’ll just have to imagine it.

This was her cute cake from a local cake place. And bless the hearts of all our family who asked very genuinely if I made it. I appreciate their faith in my skills, but no, I’m not a baker/cake decorator.

I also made some cute themed food (that I didn’t get a picture of). I made my pulled pork that I love. Then we had “Cowgirl Beans” (baked beans) and “Tumbleweed Salad” (cole slaw) from Mean Pig BBQ. I also made some “Get Along Lil’ Doggies”, “Wagon Wheels”, “Lassos”, and “Muddy Water” (sweet tea) to drink. Also, in addition to the yummy cake, we had “Hay Bales” (Rice Krispie treats) and “Cow Chow” (Chex Puppy Chow mix).

So after everyone filled up, we lit the candle and sang to Hadley

I don’t know if we are bad singers or if the candles freaked her out, but she cried and wasn’t real into blowing the candles out.

One thing she is into? Cake and ice cream. She’s my kid, for sure.

Ice Cream with the right hand and cake with the left. She had a good system going.

Someone else who really likes cake? Big sis!

Another thing I didn’t get a good picture of that I wanted to, was her cute little outfit. I got her shirt from Etsy.

Of course, she had to have little pigtails too.

And yes, I interrupted her during eating to prevent a picture of a shirt with chocolate ice cream all over the front. She couldn’t be bothered to put down her spoon.

After cake came the presents. She is so hard to shop for right now because she has hand me down toys and tons of clothes that she got from Cady and other friends and family. The child wants for nothing. But everyone did a great job of picking out things for her and she loves them all.

This one had a great time at her party!

And there is still more celebrating to be done. Her birthday until next weekend, so she will celebrate with cupcakes with friends at school and presents from Mom, Dad and Sister on her birthday.



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Perfect Fall Weekend

This weekend was the epitome of what Fall is all about.
Saturday morning my dad came to pick the girls up so he could spend the weekend with them, and Jason and I could go to the UCA Homecoming game.

We had such a great time. Our tailgate was awesome this weekend.

It was not only homecoming, but a major game. With the win this weekend, we won the Southland Conference Chamionship and get an automatic bid to the playoffs! So many friends were there. It was a blast.

Since Jason is a member of the Letterman Club and we are members of The Purple Circle, we decided that there was no better time to use our sideline passes than when we are playing for conference champs. Several of the guys that Jason played with in college were there as well.

Two of those guys were Jason’s former college roommates.

I wish the fourth roommate could have been there to recreate this picture

While we were standing there we noticed Corliss Williamson was also watching from the sidelines. As a fellow Russellvillian, I had to get my picture taken with him

And Megan and I got a pic with the mascot

And we watched the UCA Bears win the Conference Championship

We also got to be on the field during the trophy presentation to Coach Conque

It was a great time. The Bears have a bye week this coming weekend and then a non-conference home game following. After that, PLAYOFFS!

Sunday, we got to sleep in a little and then we drove back to Russellville to pick up the girls. We spend a little time with my dad before going to Dardanelle to see Jason’s family.

The girls had such a good time at Grandpa’s house. The weather was perfect, so we let them outside to run off some energy and play in the leaves. They had a blast and I got to take some pictures. A lot of pictures.

We also got to spend some time with Jason’s Granny.

It was just one of those perfect Fall weekends full so family, football, beautiful weather and a lot of fun!

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My hero

I’m talking about my husband here. I really don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a husband who is handy. I guess I would spend a lot more money buying things or hiring people. But luckily, I don’t have to do that because Jason is the handiest guy around.

He opened the last box of toys while I was out of town a couple of weeks ago. I had been holding off on this box because I knew what was in it. The dreaded dress up stuff. I say it is dreaded because it was easily the least organized thing in the playroom in Houston. We were trying to stuff all the stuff in some broken down Disney Princess box. First, there was way too much stuff to fit in the box. Second, it’s not like it ever really made it back to the box anyway. So for the last couple of weeks, I feel like I’ve been spending way too much time griping at the girls about the princess dress explosion that would happen several times a day. When I got tired of that, I was spending too much time picking it up myself.

Then I found this pictures on Pinterest:

Totally perfect, right? But then I started thinking (which Jason always loves). That’s great for the dresses and shoes, which I pictured lined up neatly in the bottom. But what about all those little accessories? I needed something for those. So I kept looking and came across this:

Now that really IS perfect! It is also $210. :-/

So I showed the first picture to Jason and the site with the plans. Simple. But then I asked if he thought he could modify the plans to make it the dress up storage of my dreams (What? Like you don’t dream about organizational ideas too?) And because Jason is in the business of making my dreams comes true, this is what I got:

Can you see the light shining from Heaven and hear the Angels singing?


Yeah, me either. Because it looked like that for all of 15 minutes and it was back to this

All so some barbies and princesses could have a boat.

Oh well, I still love my handy man and appreciate that *I* have a wonderful storage solution when *I* clean up the dress up clothes.

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Run, Cady, RUN!

This weekend was the Downtown Fall Festival in my hometown. I decided to run the accompanying 5K and Cady decided she wanted to run the kids 1K run.

The 1K was following the 5K, so I was glad that Poppa offered to run with her. I would have, but I really didn’t want to. It was SUPER cold this morning.

Cady waiting for the race to start. Total pro. (Why is that other little girl giving my kid the side eye majorly?!? LOL!)

And she’s off!

1K is just about half a mile. Poppa said she did good. Coming in for the finish

She ended up getting 2nd place in her age division. I got 1st in mine.


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SUYL – Halloween Costumes

Kelly’s Korner is doing a link up about Halloween costumes. So, I decided to take a little walk down memory lane.

For Cady’s first Halloween in 2008, she was a sweet little honey bee. She was 8 months old.

2009, Cady was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

It just so happened that her best friend was the Wicked Witch of the East (the one the house fell on)

2010 was Cady’s last solo Halloween. And like a little Diva, she had a costume change. For school, she wore a bee costume
that she was gifted.

And for Trick or Treating Halloween night, she was a butterfly.

2011 was the first year of theme costumes. Cady was Little Bo Peep and Hadley was her sheep.

This year, I had to be a bit more creative. Cady had definite opinions on her costume choice this year, so I let her take the lead and tailored Hadley’s around that. I usually wait until Halloween for the big “reveal” but since they wore their costumes to Boo at the Zoo, I can post them

Cady the Pirate and Parrot Hadley


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Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Cady’s class went on a field trip today to a local farm/pumpkin patch. I was lucky enough that Jason was able to stay with Hadley, so I could focus on having a good time with my big girl.

She was excited! She had to ride in my car because the school van was full.

Apparently the ponies weren’t feeling it today, so we had to do that first so they could rest.

After that we just had some free time to explore all the different parts of the farm

There was a haystack maze

A tricycle racetrack. Cady loved this! I’ve heard rumors that Santa is bringing her a bike this year, and I think it’s a good choice. She’s almost a pro.

She dug for treasure

She played twister

Climbed hay bales

This farm had a really cool corn maze that the kids wanted to go through. I’m not sure we technically came out an exit, but we made it out.

As always, pumpkin patches are great for photo opportunities

We all ate some lunch and then took some group pictures.

A sweet one of the 2 Pre-K classes

And a silly one

And finally, we took a hayride around the farm. It was a great end to a great day with my sweet girl!



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State Fair

Friday night after Boo at the Zoo, the girls went home with Nana and PawPaw John. We met back up with them on Sunday and we all went to the State Fair. It has been forever since I’ve been to the Arkansas State Fair.

Cady was so excited to ride some rides. She saw this slide first thing and had to go down it 3 times.

Hadley has never been much of a fan of riding rides, but I thought she might be interested in some slow kiddie ones. So she and I went on an elephant ride.

She liked it at first, but that didn’t last too long. We got a lot of “I don’t like it” after we got off the ride.

She still acted like she wanted to go on rides, so I thought maybe if she could ride with cool older sister Cady she might like it better. It worked like a charm every time.

They rode a couple of trains

A waverunner

And a four wheeler

By this point, Hadley was over the riding, so while she did this….

Cady did this…

And I did this!

That, my friends, is a Red Velvet Funnel Cake with powdered sugar and a cream cheese drizzle. Honestly, the only different I could tell in the actual funnel cake was that it was red. It didn’t seem to taste any different to me. But that cream cheese drizzle was a stroke of genius. I think that should always be an option on a funnel cake.

We had a great time at the fair. While it’s no Houston Rodeo, it was a lot of fun and the girls are already looking forward to next year!

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Boo at the Zoo

Friday night we met up with Nana and Pawpaw John at Boo at the Zoo.

I had never been to the Boo at the Zoo festivities in Little Rock. We went every year to Zoo Boo in Houston and had a lot of fun. But this is totally different. First, it is at night. That adds a whole level of fun (and chaos) to a regular trip to the zoo. They also have a lot more special activities set up. There is “trick or treating” and haunted house and haunted train rides. They have carnival rides and games set up as well. The girls loved it all.

Another difference is that people are really encouraged to wear their costumes. And maybe they are in Houston as well, but since it could easily be in the 90’s (or above) around Halloween, most people don’t wear costumes.

The girls were very excited to wear their costumes. Cady is a pirate this year and Hadley is her parrot.

This was the only picture I snapped. Like I said, the crowded zoo at night is a little chaotic. But there will be 2 more opportunities for me to get great pics of them in their costumes since they will be trick or treating at school Halloween morning and obviously going out on Halloween night.

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