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18 Months

I’ve gotten in trouble because I’ve not been doing the monthly updates. We’ve had so much going on recently. But 18 months is a big deal, so I decided I’d definitely do one for Hadley.

So I sat her down in the chair to do the photoshoot. This is what happened.

Someone wasn’t feeling it. I can’t blame her too much though. She’s got one last incisor trying to cut through plus some allergies happening. She’s just not a happy girl recently.

She did make a better subject when she got up and was able to do her own thing

She is so funny. She is talking so much and understands everything. She knows all her animals and the sounds they make. I’m shocked every day at the vocabulary she has as an 18 month old.

She and Cady are usually so sweet to each other. They are each other’s best friend. They do have their moments, but I don’t think there is a pair of sisters who don’t.

She loves to laugh and tell jokes and just be silly. I have a couple of videos of proof

The first, after dinner the other night, we had a little dance party in the car after we stopped to get ice cream. I wish it wasn’t so dark

And then she was cracking me up on Friday walking around in those crazy princess shoes


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School happenings

Just a post of some random pics taken by the teachers at school. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this school?

First, this is a cell phone pic one of her teachers snapped and texted to me. How freakin’ hilarious is she?

This is two of Cady’s girlfriends at Chapel. They are just the sweetest. I love seeing her like this because I get the vision of her and her girlfriends in 10 years. It makes me smile.

They had an umbrella parade last week. I’m not really sure why because I think we missed the memo about it when Cady was out sick. I’m glad they had extra umbrellas because I surely didn’t send one with her.

Last week was also Open House. We got to visit Cady’s school as a family and see what she has been working on. She showed off all her artwork

Funny story from Open House: In Library time they read a book called Knuffle Bunny and then they made their own Knuffle Bunnies, basically a sock stuffed with batting with a face drawn on. We got to pick it up from school that evening and take it home with us. Cady let Hadley hold her Knuffle Bunny and Hadley immediately hugged it tight and I knew right away that it was going to cause an issue. Hadley was attached and Cady wanted it back. So all the way home we listened to Hadley cry about the bunny. First thing I did when we arrived home was grab an old sock and make Hadley a Knuffle Bunny.

It’s not the most professional thing ever, but look at how happy it makes her.

She has slept with it every night since and carries it around a lot.

And this week, I decided Cady’s teachers are geniuses. They requested that we save empty boxes of food and the such for a grocery store. The kids made a list.

And then went shopping in the “grocery store”

One of her teachers ran the register and the other bagged their groceries.

Don’t you hate long lines at the check out lanes?

Another satisfied customer

So satisfied that these boxes are the greatest toy both girls have ever gotten. They have played with what is basically other people’s trash non stop. Cady woke up talking about it this morning.


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Easter Bunny Visit – 2012

We went to see the Easter Bunny today. I was actually thinking about not subjecting Hadley to it this year since she has such a strong aversion to strangers (not to mention weirdos in creepy oversized animal costumes). But then a friend posted their Easter Bunny pic on facebook, and our mall has a new Bunny. A GIRL BUNNY! She’s adorably creepy. So off we went.

Waiting for the the Bunny, I actually thought it might not go horribly. Hadley was smiling at the Easter Bunny and waving. She seemed into it. Cady was definitely into it. But…. well, I’ll let the picture speak for itself….

Pretty sad (and hilarious), huh? But how cute is that girly bunny?!?! Love it.

And just for funsies, some visits from past Easters.





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Bluebonnets – 2012

It is that time again. Time for one of my favorite parts of living in Texas. BLUEBONNETS! I’m not going to write much. Just know this is a picture heavy post. I took close to 250 pictures. I got it down to 40 or so. I’m can’t narrow it any more than that.

I wish I could have gotten a few more (or any) smiles out of Hadley, but she’s cute no matter what.

And on the way back to the car, I was able to snap my favorite pics out of all 250.

My 3 favorites!

For funsies: Bluebonnets 2009, Bluebonnets 2010, and Bluebonnets 2011

One Year Ago Today: I’m Taking Requests

Two Years Ago Today: Kindermusik


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That’s right. I didn’t take monthly pictures. YET! I will. Promise. And I will write a monthly post. Promise. I’ve got a ton of excuses, but I’ll spare you. Just know, it will happen.

In the meantime, to tide you over (Yes, Nana, I’m talking to you 😉 ) I have a video or two.

The first is one I wish I got more of, but my phone died. We went to Joe’s Crab Shack the weekend of Cady’s birthday. They sang to her. I only got the very very first, but look at her little face light up when she realizes what is happening. Precious.

And then today, Hadley is showing off her newest tricks. She is so fun right now. Seriously, best age ever!

Hopefully this will hold you over.

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Baby Names

For the most part, the people who read my blog are all people who know me, Jason and the girls. It is our friends and family from here and Arkansas and Tennessee. (And yes, I know who you guys are, for the most part. My statistics are pretty detailed. I’m watching you 😉 ). But I have linked up with some popular link party posts on blogs like Kelly’s Korner and others. And those still bring in quite a bit of traffic daily. And recently I’ve gotten several emails from people asking where the girl’s names came from. So ask and you shall receive, I aim to please, and all that good stuff.

I’ve always preferred somewhat different names. Nothing crazy, but I also didn’t want my kid to be one of 5 Madison’s in her kindergarten class. So uniqueness is something that mattered to us. When I got pregnant with Cadence, we actually settled on a boy’s name pretty quickly, but had no clue on a girls name for a while. I would throw names out at Jason, and he would shoot them all down. One night, he was perusing a baby name website and tossed Cadence out. I guess it is used in football terminology (the down, set, hut business). Honestly, I wasn’t a fan at first. I mulled it over for a little while, and it started growing on me. I had never really heard the name before. Since, it has become a bit more popular. I see a lot of “misspellings” of it. We decided to go traditional with that. I’m not a huge fan of random Y’s in names. And as a Courtney, I like the letter C much better than K.

Her middle name was fairly easy to come up with. I was always very close with my maternal Grandmother and always loved her name, and I really feel strongly about being able to use the naming of children to honor loved ones. So I always knew that my children’s middle names would be family names. So Cozette was a no brainer. It flowed well (yes, I practiced yelling it all together) and Cozette is unique and beautiful. That is how Cadence Cozette came to be.

It fits her, yes?

With Hadley, *I* decided very early on what her name would be. Several months before I got pregnant with Hadley, I was pregnant and miscarried. So I was very much in baby planning mode for many months before she was even conceived. Again unique without being weird was a top priority. I was looking through registries of graveyards from the area in which my parents grew up (what? doesn’t everyone do that? LOL). And I came across someone (a man) named Hadley. I just couldn’t get the name out of my head. I couldn’t really see naming a boy that, but I adored it for a girl. After I became pregnant with Hadley, I basically told Jason that would be the name if she was a girl. He didn’t agree necessarily, but he also didn’t disagree. The day we found out she was a girl, he started trying to come up with other names, but she had been and was a Hadley to me. So I ordered some monogram clothing to make it official. You can’t argue with that. We decided on a traditional spelling again. No Hadleigh’s or Hadlee’s for this girl.

Again, her middle name is a family name. Elizabeth is Jason’s mom’ middle name and we knew that is what we would use for a girl’s middle name from basically right after we decided on Cady’s name.Plus, I like that the girls both have Z’s in the middle names. Another naming quirk of mine, I suppose. Don’t know how I will continue the Z thing if we have any more children.

And how could this little thing not be a Hadley?


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15 Months

Happy 15 Months sweet Hadley Elizabeth!

I couldn’t love that precious little face any more. I can easily say that this age is one of my favorites. She learns something new and fun every single day. And I just don’t see how she could get sweeter. She is such a little lovebug.

She is such a good little talker. She has tons of words. Please is a favorite because she knows it gets her things. And really it is almost impossible to resist those big blue eyes when she said “Pweese?” I’m such a sucker.

She is becoming such a little person. She is my little helper. She will drop everything and literally come running if I am emptying the dishwasher. It is the biggest treat for her to get to help me with it. She also loves to help with the laundry like her big sister did.

Hadley is slowly coming out of her shell. We had a few weeks there where things were almost painful because of her shyness and stranger aversion. But she seems to be slowly overcoming it. That is a huge difference between Hadley and Cady. Cady has never had a moment of shyness.

On that same note, I signed Hadley up for the Pre-School Prep program at the same school Cady attends. Starting in September she will attend one day a week. I think it will be very good for her to have an opportunity to socialize without me around. I am nervous about her transition, but I do know it is the best thing for her.

I will be taking both the girls to the pediatrician soon for their 4 year and 15 month appointments, so I should have measurements soon.

We love you, Hadley Elizabeth.

Comparison Pics:

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Hadley is really making huge strides with her language. I don’t know that anyone else can understand her, but I can. She will try to repeat pretty much anything and is successful most of the time. This morning I got her to repeat “Oh Tootles” (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) and she got the basic sounds and rhythm of “Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog”

One word that blows my mind everytime she says it is “Brutus” I don’t know why it would be any different than momma, dadda, and cady. It is probably what she hears the most after those (strike that. No is probably what she hears most after those. Brutus is close though). Here she is saying it and just being silly in general. “Brutus” is around the 45 second mark. Followed by baby, which she calls Brutus when she wants him to play with her. LOL.



One Year Ago Today: The Progression of a Fit


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Outside time

We have been having some amazing weather. Highs in the mid 70’s. I wish it could be this way year round. It is perfect. Cady plays outside pretty much every day, and since it has been so warm she is outside much of the day. This weekend we decided to make it a family thing. Hadley is just now getting to the age where she won’t automatically put everything in her mouth. She loves being outdoors. So I foresee much of my days being spent outside with these crazy girls.

While we were out there I decided to play with some of my camera settings. This is very picture heavy. Mostly of Hadley because Cady was far too busy to let me take a good picture of her.

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14 Months

Happy 14 Months Hadley Elizabeth!

I don’t have any official measurements, but I know that she has hit a growth spurt. She is now wearing mostly 24 month/2T clothing. Some 18 month will fit as long as the length isn’t necessary, but 12 month is out for sure. I swear she will be as tall as Cady in a few months. She goes back for a 15 month checkup next month, so we will know then just how much taller she is.

She got her first haircut this month. I don’t have any picture of it because I was holding her while Ms. Rebecca cut it. It was mainly just the mullet issues in the back because I’m not ready to lose those curls.

She has really started testing boundaries this month. She likes to throw a good tantrum when she gets told no. But we are working on it, and I know it is a process. It is much less frustrating the second time around. Someone remind me of this when she is three and making me pull my hair out.

She is super loving. She loves giving kisses and hugs. She is also starting to love to help. She helps me unload the dishwasher and she is starting to help me with laundry. I love this phase. I remember it so well with Cady and it really is just one of the sweetest times there is with toddlers.

Comparison Pic:

We love you, Hadley Elizabeth!

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