Cady’s 5th Birthday Party

Wow, I’m running so behind. But I’m finally getting to this.

I was very torn on what to do for Cady’s 5th birthday. We are so new to this area, and didn’t really know what sort of turnout to expect from her school friends. I debated a lot of options, but my biggest criteria was some place she would have a ton of fun even if not a single friend showed up. We finally decided on Chuck E. Cheese. She loves the place. It’s such a low maintenance party. It was really the best option.

We had the party at 9:30. And yes, a pizza party at 9:30 sounded crazy to everyone else too. But it was that and have the entire place to ourselves, or have it at like 1 and dealing with our own cranky kids while fighting the crowds of other cranky kids. Even though I got so much grief from everyone, I am still so glad we did it this way. We literally had the entire birthday area all to ourselves and we pretty much had the gaming area to ourselves as well.

Since 9:30 isn’t prime pizza eating time, we let the kids play games while all the guests trickled in.

Cady and her friend, Gracie

Kaleb, Gracie and Cady

My BFF’s daughter, Charlotte, and Hadley

After the kids played for an hour or so, we had some pizza

The party girls (not sure where the boys made it off to for this one)

And then Chuck E. came! And because Cady was the only birthday kid, she got all the attention.

Again, not sure where the boys were during these pictures

We had some cupcakes

Cady got to go in the ticket blaster. She didn’t quite get the concept, but our awesome party host fudged the rules a bit and she got a ton of tickets from it anyway.

Then she opened her gifts.

After the party was officially over, we were all able to stick around and play more games. The kids had tons of tokens and I think everyone had a great time. Unfortunately I didn’t get a big group picture. Those boys were hard to keep up with šŸ˜‰ but I did get a cute one of Cady and 2 of her little girlfriends.

Precious girls. We had a great time. Happy Birthday, Cady Cupcake!





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3 responses to “Cady’s 5th Birthday Party

  1. I would totally prefer that time frame too for a place like that! My sister used to do my nephew parties at Peter Piper Pizza every year at 10am and we loved it because it was empty! We went to another party there at 4pm once and it was a disgusting mess!! Def worth the earlier time frame in my opinion! Plus it’s YALL’S party. Do what YALL want! šŸ˜‰

  2. ercilia

    Where did you get her t-shirt customized like that? I would love to do that for my daughter this summer.

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