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Cady’s 5th Birthday Party

Wow, I’m running so behind. But I’m finally getting to this.

I was very torn on what to do for Cady’s 5th birthday. We are so new to this area, and didn’t really know what sort of turnout to expect from her school friends. I debated a lot of options, but my biggest criteria was some place she would have a ton of fun even if not a single friend showed up. We finally decided on Chuck E. Cheese. She loves the place. It’s such a low maintenance party. It was really the best option.

We had the party at 9:30. And yes, a pizza party at 9:30 sounded crazy to everyone else too. But it was that and have the entire place to ourselves, or have it at like 1 and dealing with our own cranky kids while fighting the crowds of other cranky kids. Even though I got so much grief from everyone, I am still so glad we did it this way. We literally had the entire birthday area all to ourselves and we pretty much had the gaming area to ourselves as well.

Since 9:30 isn’t prime pizza eating time, we let the kids play games while all the guests trickled in.

Cady and her friend, Gracie

Kaleb, Gracie and Cady

My BFF’s daughter, Charlotte, and Hadley

After the kids played for an hour or so, we had some pizza

The party girls (not sure where the boys made it off to for this one)

And then Chuck E. came! And because Cady was the only birthday kid, she got all the attention.

Again, not sure where the boys were during these pictures

We had some cupcakes

Cady got to go in the ticket blaster. She didn’t quite get the concept, but our awesome party host fudged the rules a bit and she got a ton of tickets from it anyway.

Then she opened her gifts.

After the party was officially over, we were all able to stick around and play more games. The kids had tons of tokens and I think everyone had a great time. Unfortunately I didn’t get a big group picture. Those boys were hard to keep up with 😉 but I did get a cute one of Cady and 2 of her little girlfriends.

Precious girls. We had a great time. Happy Birthday, Cady Cupcake!





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January/February Catch Up

It’s been awhile since a real post, so I will play catch up on day to day stuff before I post the 5th birthday festivities.

Mid January we were finally able to attend a birthday party for a school friend. We’ve been invited to several this year, but have always had conflicting events. Luckily, we were able to attend the party of one of her best buddies, Kaleb. He had the cutest Circus theme complete with fun photo props.

Cady and Hadley are becoming such good friends and love spending time with each other and playing together. If we’ve had a good day they get to spend some time after dinner on the iPad. Cady loves to help Hadley with her apps.

A couple of days before Valentine’s Day, Jason and I were able to get a baby sitter and we attended a lecture by Herm Edwards at UCA, and we got to meet him afterward. We had a very nice time.

Thursday was Valentine’s Day. The girls looked so cute in their little shirts (they had on tutus as well)

It was Hadley’s school day, so Cady and I ran some errands before we headed back to school for their parties. We finally made it home to chill before the parties when we got a call from the school. Hadley was sick. Very, very sick.

I was sad that poor Hadley was sick. But I was almost as sad for Cady because I hated for her to miss her party. Luckily, Jason was able to rush home. He took Cady to the party while Hadley and I stayed at home.

My poor Hadley Girl was just not feeling like herself. She had gone upstairs to play and was being very quite. This is what I found when I went to check on her. Notice the shoes on the wrong feet. Sweet silly girl

The next day was Cady’s 5th birthday! We filled her room with balloons and decorated her door.

She was so excited to go to school that day. Her friends made her a huge card that everyone signed. She was thrilled. Hadley and I chilled at home, but I was feeling pretty good about her health. She was doing just fine, so I kind of stopped stressing about Cady getting sick or what would we do with a sick Hadley during Cady’s party.

That evening we let Cady open her gift: her American Girl Doll!

We went out to dinner and followed that up with some frozen yogurt. We actually ran into one of her little friends from school there! We came home just in time to get ready for bed. Jason got the girls settled into bed while I finished up some last minute stuff. When I got a moment I went to tell them goodnight. I opened Hadley’s door just in time to see her get sick again. Luckily, my mom and stepdad walked in the house right then too. So we had reinforcements (I want my mom when I’m sick. It’s also nice to have her around when my kids are sick).

Cady had a great party (that I will post about next). She was so excited to dress like Sally  for bed that night (that’s her doll, btw)

Hadley ended up staying sick all weekend. So Monday I took her to the dr. It’s hard to get a sick appt for the same say, but they  run a sick clinic every week day. We got there at 8 and got one of the last spots available. It was so busy, they sent us home for a couple of hours to wait instead of sitting there for a couple of hours.

Hadley, after some x rays and other testing, was diagnosed with just a viral thing.

I hoped that we were nearing the finish line and everyone else would escape the sickness. That did not happen. That night Cady ended up sick and Hadley was sick again. They were pretty pitiful

That week was just a blur of being locked in the house, changing diapers, sheets and clothes and washing my hands with water so hot that my skin started cracking (the caretaker CANNOT get sick).

Wednesday, we had scheduled Cady’s well child checkup. We kept the appointment even though she was not so well. So we got double the bang for our buck and got a well child and a sick visit in one! Again, just a viral thing but we were told it could last up to 2 WEEKS!

We all got a little stir crazy. We did a lot of crafts

Hadley showing off her painting shirt

But we mostly did a lot of resting and cuddling and just trying to feel ok.

By Friday, I thought we might be at the end. We hadn’t had any sickness for a while and both girls seemed to be feeling ok. So we escaped the house and went to target! (who wouldn’t feel better after that?)

Unfortunately that evening not only did they both get sick again (within minutes of each other), but Jason came home feeling bad. I could have cried (actually I did).

We are now a week out from it and everyone is doing much better! Both girls have gone to school all week and we are pretty much back to our normal routine. My house is a mess, but I’m slowly working on getting things back in order. It was easily the worst illness I’ve experienced in my 5 years of parenting.

5th Birthday Party up next! (don’t look for it for like a week. That’s how long this post took to bang out)


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