Bieber Fever

I know I’ve discussed Cady’s adoration of Taylor Swift on the blog, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned much about her love of Justin Bieber (or Justin Beaver, as Cady says. And no, I don’t correct her. It’s just too funny). So when I found out that he would be coming to Arkansas in concert, I thought, “I bet Cady would love to go to that!” But she is 4, and I’m not willing to shell out that kind of cash for Justin Bieber and a 4 year old (For Taylor Swift, I probably would, but I’m a fan as well). So I just gave up the thought and moved on.

As the concert approached, people and businesses started giving away tickets more and more. I tried to win on the radio station, but I’ve lost my lucky touch with that in college I guess. Then I saw that a business in my hometown was giving them away on facebook. I just had to get the most people to “like” their page. So I just have to annoy my friends about clicking on something? I can TOTALLY do that. And I did! And I won! So I won 3 tickets to see The Biebs.

I hadn’t mentioned anything to Cady about it at all. It was just the day before I found out I won that she even knew he was performing in concert here. So I took the opportunity to record her reaction to learning she was going to the concert.

We had to go to my hometown to pick up the tickets, which worked out so well because we picked up my niece, Isabella, and took her with us.

Waiting on the show we had to take some pics

I meant to bring ear plugs, but I left them in the car. The music wasn’t too loud, for a concert, but the screaming…. It is indescribable what thousands of screaming girls sounds like in person. This is how Cady felt about it (they were screaming for Cody Simpson, she was not)

We had a good time singing to Cody Simpson and Carly Rae Jepsen (who is my new fav).

As we were waiting on Justin Bieber’s set, I could tell Cady was getting tired. I mentioned it yesterday, but the girl is a lover of the routine, and routine is that she is normally in bed and asleep by 8-8:15. Bieber didn’t go on until around 9.

She saw his entrance (he is the winged thing)

He was lowered from the ceiling. There were pyrotechnics. This was her reaction. Look at how wide (but tired) her eyes are trying to take it all in!

By the second song, this is how she looked

And soon after that, this is how she looked

Out cold. I like to think the Bieber Fever got to her and she just had to take a little nap.

We had such a good time! I’m so glad I got the opportunity to take these two girls to the show.



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