It’s Christmas time!

I love Christmas. The holiday season is just so much fun. There are tons of things that I love getting to do with the girls.

One of the big traditions is the girl’s picture with Santa. I normally try to make it a non-event and go on a weekday morning. Since the girls have opposite schedules that can’t happen, so weekends it is now.

It went about as expected. Hadley wasn’t a fan, but we really set her up for failure honestly. It was naptime and we had waited in a long line for this random dude she doesn’t even know.

She got a cookie afterward, so it more than made up for it.

Another favorite of mine is holiday baking. Cady and I made some cut out cookies from scratch this weekend.

And for those that know me, you know I don’t bake. So from scratch cookies are a big deal. Too bad I didn’t take any pics of our finished product.

They turned out really well though. They looked good and tasted good too.

We had plans to attend the big Christmas parade in our town this weekend, but it got cancelled due to rain and there will be no makeup. Maybe next year. We still have so much planned. We have to drive around and check out the Christmas lights. We have to make our gingerbread houses and so much more. My Christmas shopping is all done so I get to just sit back and enjoy the holidays. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!


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