The Elf Returns

Our Elf came to visit this morning. We read the book last night and Cady was so excited. Hadley is a little young to understand the entire concept. But this morning they were very excited to discover Susie sitting in the tree next to the Elf on the Shelf ornament.


Yes, our Elf is a girls this year. I found the cutest skirt and thought it would make Cady so happy. And it did. She actually said last night she hoped Santa would send her a girl elf.

Susie was so sweet to bring Snow Donuts for the girls to have a special breakfast treat.


I know the Elf is sort of controversial to some. A lot of people have a mischievous elf and set up elaborate scenes for their kids to find. I don’t do all that. First, I think it defeats to purpose of the elf which is to remind the kids to be extra good this time of year. Second, sometimes it’s all I can do to remember to move the crazy thing. I’ve also seen and heard people complaining about how creepy the elf is. The kids are obviously not creeped out by it. They get so much joy out of finding it every morning and talking to it and about it. It’s just silly and fun.

We are very proud Elf owners and I know Cady is coming to the age where Santa is no longer believed in. I want to make is as magical as possible for as long as possible. I hope the girls at least humor this tradition for a few more years.


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