Hadley Elizabeth – 24 Months

Happy Birthday, Hadley Elizabeth!

2 years with #2 is so different. Jason and I talk all the time about how different things have been with Hadley. First, she talks an amazing amount. I would say her speech is on par with a child closer to 3 than a child who just turned 2. Because of that it is sometimes I forget she is only 2.

I took her to her well child check up. We are extremely lucky to live in the same town as some family and that family happens to be a pediatrician. So it is so nice to take Hadley to someone who not only loves her like family, but actually is family. She is doing well. She is 36 inches (97th percentile, Cady was around 34″ at 2). We *think* she weighs about 26 lbs (40th percentile, Cady was about 24 lbs at 2). Hadley has always disliked standing on the scale at the dr’s office for some strange reason. Her checkup went great except she has an ear infection. No symptoms of it at all, but we have some antibiotics to get it cleared up now. She did get one vaccine, but did so good during it. She didn’t even cry! She throws a massive fit about standing on the scale, but can totally handle shots. What the heck?!?!

Another thing that comes with age 2 is potty training. We are not really doing it right now. If I learned anything with Cady, it is that I will follow Hadley’s lead. She sometimes asks to sit on the potty, and I let her. But she’s never done anything while sitting there, so I don’t think she is anywhere close. But I’m just watching for signs from her and her teachers are too. No rush.

Hadley, personality wise, is just the sweetest. She is becoming such an outgoing, friendly kid (I was afraid that would never happen). I believe school has really helped with that. She still has her clingy moments, but for the most part she is a super confident and happy go lucky little girl. Everyone just falls in love with her sweet smile and her funny little personality.

She is testing her limits right now, but she is a pretty easy kid. She will try to disobey, but a stern look or a threat of timeout is usually enough. I think it helps that Cady provides a pretty good example for her (most of the time). I really do love this age and Cady and Hadley together are just the sweetest ever.

We love you, Hadley Elizabeth!


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  1. I CANNOT believe she’s already 2 and talk about potty training! It flew by so fast! She was born yesterday!

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