My hero

I’m talking about my husband here. I really don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a husband who is handy. I guess I would spend a lot more money buying things or hiring people. But luckily, I don’t have to do that because Jason is the handiest guy around.

He opened the last box of toys while I was out of town a couple of weeks ago. I had been holding off on this box because I knew what was in it. The dreaded dress up stuff. I say it is dreaded because it was easily the least organized thing in the playroom in Houston. We were trying to stuff all the stuff in some broken down Disney Princess box. First, there was way too much stuff to fit in the box. Second, it’s not like it ever really made it back to the box anyway. So for the last couple of weeks, I feel like I’ve been spending way too much time griping at the girls about the princess dress explosion that would happen several times a day. When I got tired of that, I was spending too much time picking it up myself.

Then I found this pictures on Pinterest:

Totally perfect, right? But then I started thinking (which Jason always loves). That’s great for the dresses and shoes, which I pictured lined up neatly in the bottom. But what about all those little accessories? I needed something for those. So I kept looking and came across this:

Now that really IS perfect! It is also $210. :-/

So I showed the first picture to Jason and the site with the plans. Simple. But then I asked if he thought he could modify the plans to make it the dress up storage of my dreams (What? Like you don’t dream about organizational ideas too?) And because Jason is in the business of making my dreams comes true, this is what I got:

Can you see the light shining from Heaven and hear the Angels singing?


Yeah, me either. Because it looked like that for all of 15 minutes and it was back to this

All so some barbies and princesses could have a boat.

Oh well, I still love my handy man and appreciate that *I* have a wonderful storage solution when *I* clean up the dress up clothes.


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One response to “My hero

  1. Amber

    wow, that’s amazing! sounds like he’s a keeper! 🙂

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