Boo at the Zoo

Friday night we met up with Nana and Pawpaw John at Boo at the Zoo.

I had never been to the Boo at the Zoo festivities in Little Rock. We went every year to Zoo Boo in Houston and had a lot of fun. But this is totally different. First, it is at night. That adds a whole level of fun (and chaos) to a regular trip to the zoo. They also have a lot more special activities set up. There is “trick or treating” and haunted house and haunted train rides. They have carnival rides and games set up as well. The girls loved it all.

Another difference is that people are really encouraged to wear their costumes. And maybe they are in Houston as well, but since it could easily be in the 90’s (or above) around Halloween, most people don’t wear costumes.

The girls were very excited to wear their costumes. Cady is a pirate this year and Hadley is her parrot.

This was the only picture I snapped. Like I said, the crowded zoo at night is a little chaotic. But there will be 2 more opportunities for me to get great pics of them in their costumes since they will be trick or treating at school Halloween morning and obviously going out on Halloween night.


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