Recent Happenings via Instagram

Here’s what I have on my cell phone from recent.

This smart little cookie was playing with her tools. She wanted a tool belt like daddy, but that’s one thing that isn’t a part of her tool collection. So she brought me a ribbon and asked me to tie around her waist. I did. She ran away and came back like this. She came up with it all on her own.

We bought this tee ball set back in Houston, and we’ve been getting quite a bit of use as the weather cools off more and more.

One weekend while Jason and I watched the Bears, Nana and Pawpaw John took the girls to a petting zoo or something. All I know is I got a text with Cady on a horse.

And Hadley fed some goats

A couple of weeks ago, Cady and I got to help a friend out a bit and hang out with her her daughter for a few hours. Cady is a natural babysitter. She had a lot of fun with Charlotte

I went in to check on Cady before I headed to bed one night and discovered she had fallen asleep “reading”

This was a few mornings ago before school. They sat like this and asked me to take their picture.

Yesterday afternoon, we were playing around with my phone and started taking pics together and making the same faces.

This was supposed to be mad, but Cady looks more confused


And this little thing is just the most super sweetest

And finally from last night, they were just playing together so well last night. They love each other so much and it just thrills my heart. It is one of the biggest reason I wanted 2 children and was so happy for 2 girls. Built in BFF’s for life!


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