Random Videos

Just a few videos I’ve had on my phone for a couple of weeks

I don’t know where Cady came up with this robot dance, but she was cracking me up with it.

Jason was naming off dances for Cady to do. Hadley got in on the action, but I couldn’t hold it together when he busted out Wang Chung. And I think he actually meant Gangnam Style! HA!

And on a daily basis Hadley blows my mind with her speech and vocabulary. It’s strange because she is still so much a baby in so many ways, but I can have conversations with her like she is Cady’s age. Sometimes it is hard to remember that she is not even 2 yet!

Oh and it totally cracks us up that she gets SO excited about everything



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One response to “Random Videos

  1. OMG I’m dying here at the last video of Hadley! Too cute! I cant wait for that stage with Remy. My fav part is her eyes all excited asking who Snow White is and saying “I like Belle.” I cant believe how big she’s gotten!

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