The Color Run

This weekend my BFF (I’m so happy to be living close to her again!) and I went to Memphis to participate in The Color Run with some other girlfriends!

After learning of The Color Run over a year ago, I wanted to do one so badly. But they just weren’t nearby. Then the one in Memphis got booked and I signed up immediately.

Thursday night Jason and I attended the Brad Paisley concert and then Jenny and I had some good times on Beale Street Friday night. So I was a little tired and then had to get up a bit too early for my tastes. But it was worth it.We had a great time!

If you have a chance to participate in this race, you totally should! Arkansans, it is the 10th of November in LR and I don’t think it is sold out (I’d totally do it again, but we are having Hadley’s birthday party that day). My Texican friends, it is November 11th, but it *might* already be sold out. And yes, it can SELL OUT! There were something like 50,000 participants at the Memphis race! Totally an experience.




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