September – Cell phone pic style

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an actual update post.

The girls are still loving school and all that is going well. School 5 days a week is tough! I can’t even imagine what it will be like next year when I actually have to get Cady there on time. (although she is normally in class around 8:30 now). I never really got how school was so hard on parents, but I’m learning.

Labor Day weekend The Bears played Ole Miss in Oxford. The past few years they’ve been on the road that weekend and we’ve been able to catch a few games with some friends from college. Everyone talks about “tailgating” in The Grove at Oxford and how you have to experience. So Poppa and Nana and PawPaw John were so awesome to watch the girls for us that weekend, so we could go to Oxford.

It was a great time. 5 of us drove down together and had a really good time catching up and talking on the trip down. We were 10 miles away from our destination when we got a flat tire.

Luckily the boys were able to put the donut on quickly and we were able to get to the house we rented.

We had a great weekend with some great friends. The house we rented was awesome.

Tailgating in the Grove was interesting. Ole Miss fans had chandeliers and flower arrangements and big screen tvs in their tents. Definitely something to see. Unfortunately the Bears didn’t win even though we went into the half up on Ole Miss.  We still had a great time.

The weather here has been amazing the last few weeks. That means there has been quite a bit of work going on in the yard by Jason and a lot of playing by me and the girls. There is a Sno Cone truck that drives around and comes through our ‘hood about once a week. He tracks his location on facebook, so we are able to find out when he will be by the house. The girls were waiting on him the other night.

We are still loving our neighborhood so much. There are two lakes that the hood is built around and there is a bridge across each lake. The lakes are stocked and the girls like to walk down to the bridges and try to see fish. Jason is going to have to take a certain 4 year old fishing soon

I’ve been feeling crafty and needed something for the front door. Pinterest to the rescue. I made a couple of the super popular burlap door hangers

Last weekend I turned 30! Jason was taking me out to dinner so Grandma and PawPaw Wayne came to hang out with the girls and spend my birthday with me. Saturday morning I was able to go get my “30 year old haircut” (Not really, I just needed it cut off)

I believe we cut off about 8 inches of hair. It needed it and I feel so much lighter!

After being bratty for about a week about my birthday dinner, I showed up and it turns out Jason and Jenny threw a little surprise get together for me! It was so sweet and so unexpected (Should I be concerned that they can lie to me so convincingly? 😉 ) I really appreciate it.

It was a small group due to sick kids and lack of child care and pre-made travel plans. But I love that these folks were here for me and all the wonderful birthday wishes I got. 30 is pretty great so far.

Unfortunately, Cady is under the weather right now with a little cold. Hadley had it last week, so hopefully we are done with it. This weekend we are planning on tailgating for the conference opener for the Bears and having a great time. That’s September so far in cell phone pics.


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