House pictures!

Ok I finally took pictures. They are cell pics, but honestly I think my cell phone takes just as good pics as my actual camera. Plus, I can’t find my camera right now.

We have also not decorated and there are still some boxes. We will get there someday.

This is our beautiful new home.

To the left there is a parking pad on the side of the house. It’s so nice to have the extra space. Although we live at the end of a cul-de-sac, so we have lots of room.

I love the stairs and front door.

This is what you see as you enter the front door

We are planning on getting new furniture for this room and for the bonus room and rearranging them both. But we have some very specific ideas in mind and are looking for just the right pieces. For now, this is working.

From the entryway, you can go up the stairs into the bonus room.

It is a multi purpose room for us. Play room. Guest room. Work out room. Craft room. Again, we are on the search for just the right pieces of furniture in hopes of making it more den like and less like a random bed in a playroom.

I love the kitchen. I love the classic white and black and the stainless appliances. It’s just so open and spacious. I’ve been very happy cooking in here.

The girls share the hallway bathroom

Cady’s room is pretty much right across the hall from the bathroom. She picked which room she wanted and she wanted this big ol window

Before we had the blinds and shutters, it stayed so hot in that room. But the window coverings really helped a ton.

Hadley’s room is at the end of the hall.

She’s only got the one little window, but she has the biggest closet in the house. I swear it is bigger than mine.

Our master bedroom is right off the living room. It’s the last bedroom to have boxes in it and get any sort of real attention

The master bath has tons of room and the separate closets are really nice.

And one reason we chose this house over a few others is because of the lot. We love this lot. It is big and partially wooded. We are at the end of a cul-de-sac and back up to the woods. It’s perfect.

And that’s it. We are loving it. More and more, I am discovering that things have worked out just as they should. This house is so perfect for our needs and how we live. It is feeling more and more like home every single day!



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One response to “House pictures!

  1. Ashley

    Hey this is Ashley Gallagher! The house is beautiful. I’d love to get together and see you and meet the girls! It’s been a long time!

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