Moving on up

After pretty much everything going wrong that could possible go wrong, we are finally in our new home in Arkansas! I have no pictures yet. We’ve only been here a week and we are still unpacking. We are almost done, and I will get pictures as soon as we are totally done.

We got back to Arkansas on August 5th. We were set to close that following Friday (August 10th). We heard on Tuesday that the house did not appraise for the selling price. So we were basically back to negotiations. It was pretty tense for a little while and there was a high chance that we wouldn’t be getting the house we had been working on for weeks. So Friday, the 10th, the day we were originally set to close, we actually went and looked at more houses. To say that I was stressed and upset was an understatement. But after that house hunting trip, I felt at peace. I knew that even if we didn’t get this house, that we would be able to find a great house. And know that all things happen for a reason.

That weekend we found that our builder was willing to meet our demands and the appraisal issue was taken care of. So we backed the closing date back another week to August 17th. At the very last minute, the mortgage company started requesting a bunch of information from us, and because we had to wait on them and our relocation company, we once again had to back the closing date up to Monday the 20th.

Luckily, our builder was so nice to allow us to move in that weekend even though we hadn’t signed the paperwork. But now we officially own the house and all the headaches were well worth it. We love our house and we love the neighborhood. It is so family oriented and I think it is going to be perfect for us. We are getting settled in. The girls start Pre-K and MDO this week! We are so happy to be Home Sweet Home!




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