The Farewell Texas Tour – Sea World Day 2

Monday morning we headed back to Sea World. We rented a cabana in the Bay of Play for the day, and planned to spend most of our day there. But we wanted to try to see the few things in the main park that we didn’t get to on Sunday. We went straight to the penguin exhibit. It was cool because the penguins are adorable, but it was really smelly in there. Ick. Our next stop was meant to be the other big ride that Cady would be able to ride. Unfortunately, that part of the park was closed until 11 for some reason. So we decided to go straight to the Bay of Play.

It is basically a big splash pad. There are also some kiddie rides and a little kiddie midway. There is also a huge climbing structure and play area. If you ever go to Sea World San Antonio, and you have smaller kids, renting the cabana is SO worth it. You have it for the whole day to come and go as you please. There is a fridge stocked with water, towels that you get to keep, a locker to lock your things up in, and it is just a shady place to take a break.

And that’s just what we did. The girls splashed and rode rides and played games. Cady wanted to do all the rides by herself.

Again, they do such a good job of getting the Sesame characters out there and mingling with the kids. They performed some shows. They took pictures galore.

And just to show how much Hadley warmed up to them all, we went back to Rosita’s Cafe for lunch since it was right next to the Bay of Play. And after we finished and were heading out, who should show up, but Rosita herself. Cady was excited.

And so was HADLEY! She, on her own, rushed up for a hug. I could barely get a picture of it because I was so shocked.

We had a fun couple of days at Sea World, and headed back toward Houston Monday afternoon. Up next.



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