The Farewell Texas Tour – Goodbye, Houston

Monday night we arrived back at our house. So weird. We haven’t been there for 6 weeks! We left it in pristine condition since it was being shown to potential buyers. The girls had the play room destroyed in 5 minutes. Seriously.

Part of the reason we planned our time in Texas like we did was because Jason had some training he had to go back to Houston for. So Tuesday he got up and went to work. The girls and I just hung out at the house. Did some laundry (It’s so dorky how excited I was about doing laundry in MY new machines again), played outside, and just enjoyed our familiar space.

Wednesday we made plans with some of our friends for a little goodbye lunch. It was so nice to see them all again. It’s crazy that these girls have known each other since they were like 6 months old. They could barely sit up then and now they all sat at the end of the table by themselves and chatted while the moms sat at the other end and chatted. Time flies. We had a great lunch and the kids played in the splash pad afterward for a little bit.

Thursday, I sent Cady to dance camp at her dance studio in Houston. I knew she would love seeing all the teachers there and a couple of her friends ended up going too. So it was a nice little surprise for her to be able to spend the day with Charlotte and Lilly.

Friday, the packers came and packed all our things. I can’t say how grateful I am to have such a great moving package that provides things like packers and movers and all the other stuff. I’ve had plenty to gripe about with parts of the whole process, but I just can’t imagine having to work out all these details on our own.

Friday, we spent a little more time with some friends. Charlotte and Cady are going to miss each other so much. And I would have snapped a picture of them to prove that, but they wouldn’t sit still long enough. Hadley and Grayson were much better subjects. The pure sweetness just kills me.

Saturday all our things were loaded on a truck and driven away. I thought I might be more sad about leaving this house, but I’m just so excited about the new house that it’s hard to be sad to leave that one.

We got out of Houston later than we expected, so we only made it to Texarkana that night. It was fine because we were able to wake up Sunday morning and let the girls swim a bit in the hotel pool. Then we drove to our new house and let the girls check it out for the first time. As long as things continue smoothly, we should be living there by this time next week! Can’t wait!

We loved living in Texas. We got to do so many fun things and meet so many awesome people. We will miss them so much. But we are so looking forward to getting started back home in Arkansas.



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