The Farewell Texas Tour – Sea World Day 1

We arrived in San Antonio just before dinner Saturday night. We had a good dinner at a casual burger joint. It had a big astroturfed yard and you could just let the kids run and play. They needed it after being in the car.

After dinner, we went back and enjoyed some time in the hotel pool since we didn’t do the water park at Great Wolf that morning

Sunday morning we had a special breakfast planned at Sea World.

They do a Meet and Greet breakfast with the Sesame Street characters. We weren’t sure what to expect, but were very pleasantly surprised. Not only did the characters make the rounds to all the tables and take pics and interact with the kids, but they played games and really spent a good amount of time with them. It was so worth it.

Cady was excited about meeting the Sesame crew.



Bert and Ernie


And Big Bird

Hadley was not a huge fan of the characters. This was her reaction every time at first. And unfortunately, they were coming up behind her, so it was really jarring for her because they were all of a sudden right there.

So we started out slow. Jason would high five them. Hadley would. Jason would give them knuckles. Hadley would. We thought it might be all we would get. But leave it to the ladies to know what to do. Zoe and Hadley bonded. Over accessories of all things.

This should really tell you how much time they spent with the kids individually. Zoe stood there long enough for Hadley to warm up to her and she finally did this.

After Zoe, Elmo came over and tried to make friends. He got her milk off the table for her and even handed her napkins in case she needed to wipe her mouth. It was really adorable.

After that we got a family pic (no crying) with Big Bird

And Ernie even got a smooch

We had a great time. The breakfast ended and we headed out to the park right as they opened the gate. We decided on Day 1, we would see the shows and ride the bigger rides.We watched the Azul show, which was a whale/dolphin/bird show with diving and comedy and it had a bit of Cirque flair. We also watched the Sea Lion show. It was cute.

After those two shows, we decided we would check out some rides. They have two huge roller coasters. Luckily Cady wasn’t tall enough because neither Jason nor I were relishing the idea of riding it with her. She was tall enough for the water coaster ride. I wasn’t sure if she would do it. Not sure why I ever doubt this kid. She totally did.

The gondola goes up HIGH. It probably isn’t even halfway up in this pic

At the top it rotates 90 degrees, so you dip down and back up going backward. Then it rotates you another 90 degrees, so you are facing forward. And then it lets you go down the coaster into the water. Jason it in the second row, on the right, in the orange. Cady is to his left.

When they got off the ride I thought we would be heading somewhere else in the park. Surely, a little 4 year old girl couldn’t have enjoyed that. But she was ready to go with me. I’m not a huge fan of roller coasters, but I *can* do them. It was scary, y’all! And Cady LOVED it. And we got there at just the right time because as we got off the ride, the wait in line was nearing an hour. YIKES!

We grabbed some lunch and some ice cream and headed to watch the Shamu One World show. I’ve been to Sea World Orlando, but it was years and years ago. Back then they let the trainers get in the water with Shamu and the other whales and swim around. They did NOT do that. It was kind of boring. A lot of splashing the people in the splash zone and videos about conservation. Hadley’s reaction sort sums up my feelings.

We headed out after the One World show. We went back to the hotel, showered the sweat off and did dinner. We then spent the rest of the evening in the hotel pool again. And I got one of my favorite pictures ever.

Day 2 Next



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  1. i felt the same way about the shamu show 2 years ago. such a disappointment. glad yall had a good time tho on your farewell tour!

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