The Farewell Texas Tour – Great Wolf Lodge

Since we finally sold the Texas house, we had to make a trip back to tie up the loose ends and meet the movers. We decided to make it a little more fun and make it a mini vacation.

The girls and I packed up Thursday morning and drove down to Little Rock to meet Jason at work. We got to have lunch with him and most of the guys he works with. It was nice because I hadn’t met most of them at that point.
After lunch, we headed South toward Dallas. We finally arrived in Dallas at The Great Wold Lodge around 8 that night. We checked in and were able to get Cady set up with her Magic Quest wand. They use these “magic wands” that are interactive throughout the entire hotel. There were different quests and adventures where the kids have to follow clues to find things all over the hotel. Cady enjoyed it. I think she even could have done without the clues and just set different things off as we walked around.

Then it was time for nightly storytime. It was pretty cute. It was hard to get pictures, so this is what we ended up with. Listening intently.

That night we just went to bed. We got a room with the Kids Cabin suite. It’s a whole little section that looks like a tent and has bunk beds. Cady was excited to sleep on the top bunk. Hadley was just excited to not be in a pack and play. She has been doing so good at the big girl bed. As soon as we get moved in, we will be converting her crib.

Friday morning, we woke up and ate breakfast in the hotel. We hit the water park as soon as the doors opened. There are no pics of the water park. It’s a man to man situation with these girls. And honestly, we could likely use 2 on 1 for Hadley some days. Plus, I totally don’t trust myself around water with my camera, phone or otherwise.

Hadley was “meh” about the water park. She liked wading around in the little kids pool. But she is not much for having water splashed on her, by her or in the general vicinity of her. It wasn’t a big deal early in the day because it was parents and a bunch of little kids her age. Then the big kids came out. Not sure why the little brats were hanging out in the kiddie pool splashing the babies, but they were.

Cady, on the other hand, was in heaven. I hate that we weren’t able to get her in swim lessons this Summer because I just know she would be a little swimmer right now if she was. She loves the water. She played in the kiddie pool for a while, but wanted to try different stuff quickly. She tested out the big climbing area. There were two slides there and she conquered them quickly. She moved on to the wave pool and loved it. She didn’t even need an intertube because of her puddle jumper. And Miss No Fear even tried out the BIG water slides. I think she technically might not have been tall enough, but it didn’t matter to her. She loved it.

Friday we only stayed at the water park until lunch or so. Hadley went to take a nap and Cady and I went to Scoops Spa for a Mommy and Me pedicure. It was really cute. All ice cream themed and adorable. I’m just giving you a heads up, if you are looking for a laid back and relaxing spa experience, Cady is NOT your spa date. I’m used to the amount of questions she constantly asks, but she set new records during her pedicure. She loved it though.

Saturday after breakfast and the wolf walk, we basically just finished up the few things we hadn’t done yet. Cady also got a pink and purple hair extension and a glitter tattoo. She colored a pillow case at the Cub Club.

Then we packed up and headed for San Antonio.


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