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House pictures!

Ok I finally took pictures. They are cell pics, but honestly I think my cell phone takes just as good pics as my actual camera. Plus, I can’t find my camera right now.

We have also not decorated and there are still some boxes. We will get there someday.

This is our beautiful new home.

To the left there is a parking pad on the side of the house. It’s so nice to have the extra space. Although we live at the end of a cul-de-sac, so we have lots of room.

I love the stairs and front door.

This is what you see as you enter the front door

We are planning on getting new furniture for this room and for the bonus room and rearranging them both. But we have some very specific ideas in mind and are looking for just the right pieces. For now, this is working.

From the entryway, you can go up the stairs into the bonus room.

It is a multi purpose room for us. Play room. Guest room. Work out room. Craft room. Again, we are on the search for just the right pieces of furniture in hopes of making it more den like and less like a random bed in a playroom.

I love the kitchen. I love the classic white and black and the stainless appliances. It’s just so open and spacious. I’ve been very happy cooking in here.

The girls share the hallway bathroom

Cady’s room is pretty much right across the hall from the bathroom. She picked which room she wanted and she wanted this big ol window

Before we had the blinds and shutters, it stayed so hot in that room. But the window coverings really helped a ton.

Hadley’s room is at the end of the hall.

She’s only got the one little window, but she has the biggest closet in the house. I swear it is bigger than mine.

Our master bedroom is right off the living room. It’s the last bedroom to have boxes in it and get any sort of real attention

The master bath has tons of room and the separate closets are really nice.

And one reason we chose this house over a few others is because of the lot. We love this lot. It is big and partially wooded. We are at the end of a cul-de-sac and back up to the woods. It’s perfect.

And that’s it. We are loving it. More and more, I am discovering that things have worked out just as they should. This house is so perfect for our needs and how we live. It is feeling more and more like home every single day!



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First Days of School

Both girls started school this week. I knew Cady would be fine. She always is. But I wasn’t sure about Hadley. She is so much more timid and shy than Cady has ever been. And she has become VERY attached to Cady. They are rarely without the other, so I wasn’t sure if she would handle being away from Cady AND me plus being with people she doesn’t know.

There was no reason to stress. She did wonderfully. Just like Cady did on her first day. I don’t even know if she knew we left. Her teachers said she had a great day and was just so sweet and acclimated to everything wonderfully. I’m so proud.

Here are some cute girls on their first days:

And I chose Hadley’s little dress because 2 years earlier her big sister wore it on her first day! (and I’m a moron and put Cady’s date as 2012, when it should be 2010.)

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Moving on up

After pretty much everything going wrong that could possible go wrong, we are finally in our new home in Arkansas! I have no pictures yet. We’ve only been here a week and we are still unpacking. We are almost done, and I will get pictures as soon as we are totally done.

We got back to Arkansas on August 5th. We were set to close that following Friday (August 10th). We heard on Tuesday that the house did not appraise for the selling price. So we were basically back to negotiations. It was pretty tense for a little while and there was a high chance that we wouldn’t be getting the house we had been working on for weeks. So Friday, the 10th, the day we were originally set to close, we actually went and looked at more houses. To say that I was stressed and upset was an understatement. But after that house hunting trip, I felt at peace. I knew that even if we didn’t get this house, that we would be able to find a great house. And know that all things happen for a reason.

That weekend we found that our builder was willing to meet our demands and the appraisal issue was taken care of. So we backed the closing date back another week to August 17th. At the very last minute, the mortgage company started requesting a bunch of information from us, and because we had to wait on them and our relocation company, we once again had to back the closing date up to Monday the 20th.

Luckily, our builder was so nice to allow us to move in that weekend even though we hadn’t signed the paperwork. But now we officially own the house and all the headaches were well worth it. We love our house and we love the neighborhood. It is so family oriented and I think it is going to be perfect for us. We are getting settled in. The girls start Pre-K and MDO this week! We are so happy to be Home Sweet Home!



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The Farewell Texas Tour – Goodbye, Houston

Monday night we arrived back at our house. So weird. We haven’t been there for 6 weeks! We left it in pristine condition since it was being shown to potential buyers. The girls had the play room destroyed in 5 minutes. Seriously.

Part of the reason we planned our time in Texas like we did was because Jason had some training he had to go back to Houston for. So Tuesday he got up and went to work. The girls and I just hung out at the house. Did some laundry (It’s so dorky how excited I was about doing laundry in MY new machines again), played outside, and just enjoyed our familiar space.

Wednesday we made plans with some of our friends for a little goodbye lunch. It was so nice to see them all again. It’s crazy that these girls have known each other since they were like 6 months old. They could barely sit up then and now they all sat at the end of the table by themselves and chatted while the moms sat at the other end and chatted. Time flies. We had a great lunch and the kids played in the splash pad afterward for a little bit.

Thursday, I sent Cady to dance camp at her dance studio in Houston. I knew she would love seeing all the teachers there and a couple of her friends ended up going too. So it was a nice little surprise for her to be able to spend the day with Charlotte and Lilly.

Friday, the packers came and packed all our things. I can’t say how grateful I am to have such a great moving package that provides things like packers and movers and all the other stuff. I’ve had plenty to gripe about with parts of the whole process, but I just can’t imagine having to work out all these details on our own.

Friday, we spent a little more time with some friends. Charlotte and Cady are going to miss each other so much. And I would have snapped a picture of them to prove that, but they wouldn’t sit still long enough. Hadley and Grayson were much better subjects. The pure sweetness just kills me.

Saturday all our things were loaded on a truck and driven away. I thought I might be more sad about leaving this house, but I’m just so excited about the new house that it’s hard to be sad to leave that one.

We got out of Houston later than we expected, so we only made it to Texarkana that night. It was fine because we were able to wake up Sunday morning and let the girls swim a bit in the hotel pool. Then we drove to our new house and let the girls check it out for the first time. As long as things continue smoothly, we should be living there by this time next week! Can’t wait!

We loved living in Texas. We got to do so many fun things and meet so many awesome people. We will miss them so much. But we are so looking forward to getting started back home in Arkansas.


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The Farewell Texas Tour – Sea World Day 2

Monday morning we headed back to Sea World. We rented a cabana in the Bay of Play for the day, and planned to spend most of our day there. But we wanted to try to see the few things in the main park that we didn’t get to on Sunday. We went straight to the penguin exhibit. It was cool because the penguins are adorable, but it was really smelly in there. Ick. Our next stop was meant to be the other big ride that Cady would be able to ride. Unfortunately, that part of the park was closed until 11 for some reason. So we decided to go straight to the Bay of Play.

It is basically a big splash pad. There are also some kiddie rides and a little kiddie midway. There is also a huge climbing structure and play area. If you ever go to Sea World San Antonio, and you have smaller kids, renting the cabana is SO worth it. You have it for the whole day to come and go as you please. There is a fridge stocked with water, towels that you get to keep, a locker to lock your things up in, and it is just a shady place to take a break.

And that’s just what we did. The girls splashed and rode rides and played games. Cady wanted to do all the rides by herself.

Again, they do such a good job of getting the Sesame characters out there and mingling with the kids. They performed some shows. They took pictures galore.

And just to show how much Hadley warmed up to them all, we went back to Rosita’s Cafe for lunch since it was right next to the Bay of Play. And after we finished and were heading out, who should show up, but Rosita herself. Cady was excited.

And so was HADLEY! She, on her own, rushed up for a hug. I could barely get a picture of it because I was so shocked.

We had a fun couple of days at Sea World, and headed back toward Houston Monday afternoon. Up next.


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The Farewell Texas Tour – Sea World Day 1

We arrived in San Antonio just before dinner Saturday night. We had a good dinner at a casual burger joint. It had a big astroturfed yard and you could just let the kids run and play. They needed it after being in the car.

After dinner, we went back and enjoyed some time in the hotel pool since we didn’t do the water park at Great Wolf that morning

Sunday morning we had a special breakfast planned at Sea World.

They do a Meet and Greet breakfast with the Sesame Street characters. We weren’t sure what to expect, but were very pleasantly surprised. Not only did the characters make the rounds to all the tables and take pics and interact with the kids, but they played games and really spent a good amount of time with them. It was so worth it.

Cady was excited about meeting the Sesame crew.



Bert and Ernie


And Big Bird

Hadley was not a huge fan of the characters. This was her reaction every time at first. And unfortunately, they were coming up behind her, so it was really jarring for her because they were all of a sudden right there.

So we started out slow. Jason would high five them. Hadley would. Jason would give them knuckles. Hadley would. We thought it might be all we would get. But leave it to the ladies to know what to do. Zoe and Hadley bonded. Over accessories of all things.

This should really tell you how much time they spent with the kids individually. Zoe stood there long enough for Hadley to warm up to her and she finally did this.

After Zoe, Elmo came over and tried to make friends. He got her milk off the table for her and even handed her napkins in case she needed to wipe her mouth. It was really adorable.

After that we got a family pic (no crying) with Big Bird

And Ernie even got a smooch

We had a great time. The breakfast ended and we headed out to the park right as they opened the gate. We decided on Day 1, we would see the shows and ride the bigger rides.We watched the Azul show, which was a whale/dolphin/bird show with diving and comedy and it had a bit of Cirque flair. We also watched the Sea Lion show. It was cute.

After those two shows, we decided we would check out some rides. They have two huge roller coasters. Luckily Cady wasn’t tall enough because neither Jason nor I were relishing the idea of riding it with her. She was tall enough for the water coaster ride. I wasn’t sure if she would do it. Not sure why I ever doubt this kid. She totally did.

The gondola goes up HIGH. It probably isn’t even halfway up in this pic

At the top it rotates 90 degrees, so you dip down and back up going backward. Then it rotates you another 90 degrees, so you are facing forward. And then it lets you go down the coaster into the water. Jason it in the second row, on the right, in the orange. Cady is to his left.

When they got off the ride I thought we would be heading somewhere else in the park. Surely, a little 4 year old girl couldn’t have enjoyed that. But she was ready to go with me. I’m not a huge fan of roller coasters, but I *can* do them. It was scary, y’all! And Cady LOVED it. And we got there at just the right time because as we got off the ride, the wait in line was nearing an hour. YIKES!

We grabbed some lunch and some ice cream and headed to watch the Shamu One World show. I’ve been to Sea World Orlando, but it was years and years ago. Back then they let the trainers get in the water with Shamu and the other whales and swim around. They did NOT do that. It was kind of boring. A lot of splashing the people in the splash zone and videos about conservation. Hadley’s reaction sort sums up my feelings.

We headed out after the One World show. We went back to the hotel, showered the sweat off and did dinner. We then spent the rest of the evening in the hotel pool again. And I got one of my favorite pictures ever.

Day 2 Next


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The Farewell Texas Tour – Great Wolf Lodge

Since we finally sold the Texas house, we had to make a trip back to tie up the loose ends and meet the movers. We decided to make it a little more fun and make it a mini vacation.

The girls and I packed up Thursday morning and drove down to Little Rock to meet Jason at work. We got to have lunch with him and most of the guys he works with. It was nice because I hadn’t met most of them at that point.
After lunch, we headed South toward Dallas. We finally arrived in Dallas at The Great Wold Lodge around 8 that night. We checked in and were able to get Cady set up with her Magic Quest wand. They use these “magic wands” that are interactive throughout the entire hotel. There were different quests and adventures where the kids have to follow clues to find things all over the hotel. Cady enjoyed it. I think she even could have done without the clues and just set different things off as we walked around.

Then it was time for nightly storytime. It was pretty cute. It was hard to get pictures, so this is what we ended up with. Listening intently.

That night we just went to bed. We got a room with the Kids Cabin suite. It’s a whole little section that looks like a tent and has bunk beds. Cady was excited to sleep on the top bunk. Hadley was just excited to not be in a pack and play. She has been doing so good at the big girl bed. As soon as we get moved in, we will be converting her crib.

Friday morning, we woke up and ate breakfast in the hotel. We hit the water park as soon as the doors opened. There are no pics of the water park. It’s a man to man situation with these girls. And honestly, we could likely use 2 on 1 for Hadley some days. Plus, I totally don’t trust myself around water with my camera, phone or otherwise.

Hadley was “meh” about the water park. She liked wading around in the little kids pool. But she is not much for having water splashed on her, by her or in the general vicinity of her. It wasn’t a big deal early in the day because it was parents and a bunch of little kids her age. Then the big kids came out. Not sure why the little brats were hanging out in the kiddie pool splashing the babies, but they were.

Cady, on the other hand, was in heaven. I hate that we weren’t able to get her in swim lessons this Summer because I just know she would be a little swimmer right now if she was. She loves the water. She played in the kiddie pool for a while, but wanted to try different stuff quickly. She tested out the big climbing area. There were two slides there and she conquered them quickly. She moved on to the wave pool and loved it. She didn’t even need an intertube because of her puddle jumper. And Miss No Fear even tried out the BIG water slides. I think she technically might not have been tall enough, but it didn’t matter to her. She loved it.

Friday we only stayed at the water park until lunch or so. Hadley went to take a nap and Cady and I went to Scoops Spa for a Mommy and Me pedicure. It was really cute. All ice cream themed and adorable. I’m just giving you a heads up, if you are looking for a laid back and relaxing spa experience, Cady is NOT your spa date. I’m used to the amount of questions she constantly asks, but she set new records during her pedicure. She loved it though.

Saturday after breakfast and the wolf walk, we basically just finished up the few things we hadn’t done yet. Cady also got a pink and purple hair extension and a glitter tattoo. She colored a pillow case at the Cub Club.

Then we packed up and headed for San Antonio.

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