This is where Rednecks come from

Hey Y’all! Being back in Arkansas for such a time period is bringing my inner Country Girl back out in me. I love it! And that has been the theme for the last couple of weeks.

We traveled a little North to stay with my mom and stepdad for a week. They have three horses who just recently had babies!
How cute are they?!?!!?

The babies were just adorable. And I want one so bad…. Don’t think the new backyard is big enough though. Maybe someday…

As you can imagine, the girls just loved the up close experience with the horses. Cady even became Grandma’s farm hand. She made sure the horses had plenty of water every single day.

We had so much fun hanging out with Grandma and PawPaw Wayne and playing with cousins and just relaxing in general.

This week we are back in our hometown and doing our normal thing. Park, lunch, naps, and playing with Daddy when he gets home. Sounds rough, huh?

We’ve been trying out all the parks in the area, and I think we’ve finally found our favorite one. It’s a little tiny parked in Jason’s hometown. But it’s super shady and super low traffic. One day we had the whole thing to ourselves the whole time! Plus, all the equipment works for both girls. But some of it could be considered antique. I am not kidding when I say I rode this same horse when I was a little girl! Crazy, right? Hadley loves it! She gets her “Yeehaw” going. So funny!

They have had so much fun being free spirits this Summer. No schedules or deadlines or plans. It’s been an adjustment for this schedule loving momma, but I’m learning to let go a little. It’s been good for all of us.

Some good news is that we finally got an offer on our house! And it was a good one, so we accepted. We are traveling back to Texas soon to get all our stuff packed up and moved into our new home. I’m calling it our “Farewell Texas Tour” because we are making a bit of a vacation out of it. We will make a stop in Dallas at Great Wolf Lodge. Then we will move on to San Antonio for a few days at Sea World before coming home to Houston for one last time while we are still officially residents. I’m looking forward to our fun stops and seeing our friends too!




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