Still alive

We are still in Arkansas, so I thought I would catch everyone up on what we’ve been doing.

I know a lot of people who read this blog are in Arkansas, so you know how crazy hot and dry its been over hate past few weeks. I don’t know how we got so lucky to have this experience two summers in a row and in two different states. If you don’t see the sarcasm dripping off those words then you aren’t from Arkansas or Texas. So a lot of what we’ve been doing is trying to beat the heat (triple digits most days) but still have fun.

We’ve been going to the park (bright and early)








Because it is so dry and the entire state is under a burn ban, we experienced a firework-less Fourth for the second year in a row. We did get some sparklers and smoke bombs. Those are pretty much the only things that don’t shoot sparks in the air. We had some watermelon, which Hadley thoroughly enjoyed. And we still had a good time despite the lack of fireworks.







Cady has also made a new friend. We are staying in my and Jason’s hometown with my inlaws. One of their neighbors just happens to have a little girl cady’s age and they have become fast friends. They have ridden four wheelers and had playdates and even went to see a local production on Peter Pan.








And since we are back in Arkansas, we are determined to make a country girl of Cady yet. She visits the horses and donkeys down the street fairly often, and she and her new friend even got to sit on Cinderella. And daddy has taught her how to catch grasshoppers. She is well on her way.



We are having a pretty fun summer being so close to family. But we are definitely looking forwardd to getting back in a routine when we finally get in our own house. We have found a house and are under contract on it. We are just waiting for the Texas house to sell before we can officially sign the papers. Cady is on a waiting list for pre-school, so by the time we move in she should be ready to go.


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