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On the Market

Our house in Texas is officially on the market now. I’m now just waiting (kind of impatiently) to get calls about showings. I just want someone to want to look at our house.

We’ve priced it pretty fairly hoping to sell quickly. We are motivated sellers! We’ve put a lot of work into this house and I know someone is going to love it. I’m, however, glad we won’t be here much longer because I feel like I’m just following behind the girls picking up so that it is constantly show ready.

Our realtor made the house look great in the pics he took. I mean, I think we have a pretty nice looking home, but he made it look even better. I guess that is what I’m paying him for though.

The guest room/gym (you can’t see the elliptical, but it’s in there too)

We rearranged Cady’s furniture

Hopefully, it makes people want to come check it out!


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Playing catch-up

We have quite a bit going on around our house right now. About two weeks ago, we found out that we will be moving back to Arkansas. This has been in the works in one way or another for several months now, but it was only made official for us recently. Jason’s company provides a fabulous moving package, so things are about as easy a moving can get. There are still the normal stresses that come with moving, but I think we’ve got it pretty good. There is a buy out option for our house if it doesn’t sell (Pray it sells QUICKLY). Movers will come, pack up our things, and deliver them to our new home. And we are moving to a place that is somewhat familiar to us.

Jason is going to be working in Little Rock. We’ve chosen an area just outside of Little Rock known for their good schools. It will be an adjustment to move from the metro area of one of the largest cities in the country to what can only be described as a small town. But Little Rock is close, and most importantly, so is family and long time friends.

We are definitely going to miss all the awesome people we’ve met here. We’ve been so blessed to find the kind of friends we have found. And luckily we can all keep in touch through facebook and blogs.

We had just enough time to get the ball rolling on the whole relocation thing before we headed back to Arkansas for a pre-planned trip to see our family. Memorial Day weekend, we drove up to Branson for what is now our annual Branson weekend with my mom, stepdad, my brother, my step brother and all the granddaughters. It’s so fun to get all the girls together in one place. It just doesn’t happen often enough (but maybe it will start soon!)

They swam. Check out PawPaw Wayne and his cool glasses (they belong to Cady)

And they played and played and played.

Hadley and Ellie

Cady and Ellie

Ellie, Cady and Addie

And we took some pictures in the matching shirts.

And Chasey loving on Hadley

There were also fireworks and watermelon and lightning bugs. But no pics of those things. We had such a good time. Can’t wait to do it again. Labor Day anyone? 😉

Since I always forget to take pictures, I couldn’t change anything this trip. No pics the rest of the week (and my sister in law took the ones in Branson). The rest of the week, we just hung out with family. My dad watched the girls while Jason and I took a day to house hunt and check out our new town. My best friend forever from college had a belated 30th birthday party we attended (and made me even that much more excited to be moving close).

It was a great week and it really did fire me up even more to get back home. I’ll check in when we can and keep everyone up to date on the move. We only have a week and a half left here. Then we will be transients staying with whoever will take us in until we sell our house and buy a new one 😉


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