18 Months

I’ve gotten in trouble because I’ve not been doing the monthly updates. We’ve had so much going on recently. But 18 months is a big deal, so I decided I’d definitely do one for Hadley.

So I sat her down in the chair to do the photoshoot. This is what happened.

Someone wasn’t feeling it. I can’t blame her too much though. She’s got one last incisor trying to cut through plus some allergies happening. She’s just not a happy girl recently.

She did make a better subject when she got up and was able to do her own thing

She is so funny. She is talking so much and understands everything. She knows all her animals and the sounds they make. I’m shocked every day at the vocabulary she has as an 18 month old.

She and Cady are usually so sweet to each other. They are each other’s best friend. They do have their moments, but I don’t think there is a pair of sisters who don’t.

She loves to laugh and tell jokes and just be silly. I have a couple of videos of proof

The first, after dinner the other night, we had a little dance party in the car after we stopped to get ice cream. I wish it wasn’t so dark

And then she was cracking me up on Friday walking around in those crazy princess shoes


One Year Ago Today: Sisters

Two Years Ago Today: Empty Playroom




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