What I’ve been doing

Jason and I are DIYers. We love to tackle home projects on our own. In our house back in Tennessee, we (with help) laid tile through the entire house and put up grown molding. Jason didn’t want to purchase the house we currently lived in because he didn’t see enough home upgrade projects he could do.

HA! Little did he know. We have since redone both bathrooms and laid flooring in the play room. And that’s just inside. There is the old saying that “Bathrooms and kitchens sells houses.” Since we have done the bathrooms, the only thing left was the kitchen.

It’s a nice kitchen. Lots of cabinets and lots of counter top space. The area was already tiled, and while it isn’t what we would have chosen, it’s nice enough. We don’t intend for this to be our Forever House, so we can live with it. My biggest complaint about the kitchen was the countertop material (a textured laminate that runs up the walls) and the color of the cabinets.It really dated the room.

This is the kitchen not long after we moved in in 2007:

We removed the wallpaper border and repainted since I’m not a fan of yellow. I chose the color while pregnant and Jason jokes that pregnancy hormones make me colorblind. It was a little brighter than intended. But we lived with it for a long time because there was nothing motivating us to change it.

Then one day, I was looking at Pinterest and came across a tutorial about refinishing cabinets. The before pictures looked strikingly similar to my kitchen. Honey Oak colored cabinets and gold hardware. And the after was what I saw in my dreams. A beautiful espresso color. We had looked at methods in the past of refinishing the cabinets. Anything that didn’t require an entire stripping of the cabinets was basically paint. I wanted the grain of the wood to come through. So this technique I found required minimal sanding work and allowed the grain to come through.

I did research on it and presented it to Jason. He does most of the major projects around here with some assistance from me. But he usually runs the show. When he started talking about it, he was talking about dismantling my entire kitchen. I just don’t handle stuff like that well. I still need to be able to function in the space and the kitchen is a place I spend A LOT of time. So I decided I would try to do it. I planned to take it in sections and work during naptimes and after the girls went to bed. We have the same type of cabinets in our garage and Jason made me practice on a couple of doors in there before I was let loose in the kitchen. They turned out better than ever imagined and I got the green light to take on the kitchen.

Here are the after pictures.

This is the green I picked while hopped up on pregnancy hormones

After I finished up the cabinets and changed out the hardware, I decided it was time to change the wall color as well. Here is the updated cabinets with the new green

I love it! I still have some little decorating things I want to do, but I love my kitchen. The cabinet change even made me almost like the countertops. Almost.


Three Years Ago Today: Louisiana Saturday Night




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5 responses to “What I’ve been doing

  1. Oh how sweet! We’re DIYers too.

  2. Carianne

    Your cabinets look awesome… Can you send me think of the process. I would be very interested in trying it. Thanks and great job!

  3. Those look awesome!! Great job!!

  4. Those look amazing! Can you put the link on there to the steps to refinish? My kitchen had the same counter top which we already switched out but we have the same honey oak cabinets that I would love to change out.

  5. Elizabeth

    Looks great!

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