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18 Months

I’ve gotten in trouble because I’ve not been doing the monthly updates. We’ve had so much going on recently. But 18 months is a big deal, so I decided I’d definitely do one for Hadley.

So I sat her down in the chair to do the photoshoot. This is what happened.

Someone wasn’t feeling it. I can’t blame her too much though. She’s got one last incisor trying to cut through plus some allergies happening. She’s just not a happy girl recently.

She did make a better subject when she got up and was able to do her own thing

She is so funny. She is talking so much and understands everything. She knows all her animals and the sounds they make. I’m shocked every day at the vocabulary she has as an 18 month old.

She and Cady are usually so sweet to each other. They are each other’s best friend. They do have their moments, but I don’t think there is a pair of sisters who don’t.

She loves to laugh and tell jokes and just be silly. I have a couple of videos of proof

The first, after dinner the other night, we had a little dance party in the car after we stopped to get ice cream. I wish it wasn’t so dark

And then she was cracking me up on Friday walking around in those crazy princess shoes


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Dance Recital 2012

This weekend was Cady’s dance recital. She has loved her time in dance this year, and was so excited to show off what she learned for her Daddy and me.

To save a little time at dress rehearsal the night before, the little girl ballet classes did their dress rehearsals during their studio time. How cute is this little ballerina?

They showed their dance off the momma’s

Total professional 😉

This was taken after running through the dance twice. They were a little tired

And because they have been such awesome little students, Miss Bri gave them medals!

She was so proud of hers.

We had to get a picture with Miss Bri. Cady adores her.

That evening Cady and I went to the auditorium where the recital was being held for dress rehearsal for her dance theater class. I was so excited about this number. It was a routine to “Hard Knock Life” from Annie! And it was stinkin’ adorable.

The girls getting ready to start (Cady should be acting mad instead of waving to her friends. LOL)

Scrubbing the floor

The next day was the BIG recital day. There were two shows and Cady actually performed in both. She did her dance theater number in the afternoon show, and both the ballet and dance theater number in the evening show. It would be an understatement to say it was a long day for a 4 year old and her momma. But Cady impressed me at every turn. She held it together better than I would have ever hoped. We rushed from the afternoon show home to pick up Jason and Hadley and straight back to the theater for the evening show.

Because it was such a busy day, I didn’t get a ton of pictures. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pics of Jason or I with her.

Her ballet number was the second number of the evening show. They were adorable. They weren’t perfect, but who would ever expect that? They are 4. Leading up to the day, I wondered what was going to happen on stage. But after watching all the other 3-4 year old classes in both shows, they were right up to par. There were the one or two girls doing an almost perfect job. There were the couple who were just looking around. There was one who was waving at their mom (um, that would be Cady). One of the little ballerinas was even overtaken by a beautiful shiny sequin on the floor and just had to pick it up mid-routine. It. was. ADORABLE! And I think performances like that are way more fun at this age than 10 little robots doing every little move perfectly. They are little girls full of personality and it showed. I loved it and I think the audience did too.

I did get some pictures after her ballet performance with her and her friends.

Precious girls!

Then her dance theater “Annie” performance was in the second act. I can’t even begin to say how much everyone loved this number. All day we were stopped and told how much everyone enjoyed it and how cute the girls were. And they really were. They did AWESOME! They showed their personalities and you just couldn’t not fall in love with them. Plus, how stinkin’ cute are these little orphans?!?!?!

Love those sweet, sassy girls!!!

So recital weekend was a smashing success. We love our Define Dance family and are so proud we got to be a part of this. Thank you Ms. Sandy, Miss Bri, Miss Taylor and everyone else at Define. We love you and are so grateful for you!


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What I’ve been doing

Jason and I are DIYers. We love to tackle home projects on our own. In our house back in Tennessee, we (with help) laid tile through the entire house and put up grown molding. Jason didn’t want to purchase the house we currently lived in because he didn’t see enough home upgrade projects he could do.

HA! Little did he know. We have since redone both bathrooms and laid flooring in the play room. And that’s just inside. There is the old saying that “Bathrooms and kitchens sells houses.” Since we have done the bathrooms, the only thing left was the kitchen.

It’s a nice kitchen. Lots of cabinets and lots of counter top space. The area was already tiled, and while it isn’t what we would have chosen, it’s nice enough. We don’t intend for this to be our Forever House, so we can live with it. My biggest complaint about the kitchen was the countertop material (a textured laminate that runs up the walls) and the color of the cabinets.It really dated the room.

This is the kitchen not long after we moved in in 2007:

We removed the wallpaper border and repainted since I’m not a fan of yellow. I chose the color while pregnant and Jason jokes that pregnancy hormones make me colorblind. It was a little brighter than intended. But we lived with it for a long time because there was nothing motivating us to change it.

Then one day, I was looking at Pinterest and came across a tutorial about refinishing cabinets. The before pictures looked strikingly similar to my kitchen. Honey Oak colored cabinets and gold hardware. And the after was what I saw in my dreams. A beautiful espresso color. We had looked at methods in the past of refinishing the cabinets. Anything that didn’t require an entire stripping of the cabinets was basically paint. I wanted the grain of the wood to come through. So this technique I found required minimal sanding work and allowed the grain to come through.

I did research on it and presented it to Jason. He does most of the major projects around here with some assistance from me. But he usually runs the show. When he started talking about it, he was talking about dismantling my entire kitchen. I just don’t handle stuff like that well. I still need to be able to function in the space and the kitchen is a place I spend A LOT of time. So I decided I would try to do it. I planned to take it in sections and work during naptimes and after the girls went to bed. We have the same type of cabinets in our garage and Jason made me practice on a couple of doors in there before I was let loose in the kitchen. They turned out better than ever imagined and I got the green light to take on the kitchen.

Here are the after pictures.

This is the green I picked while hopped up on pregnancy hormones

After I finished up the cabinets and changed out the hardware, I decided it was time to change the wall color as well. Here is the updated cabinets with the new green

I love it! I still have some little decorating things I want to do, but I love my kitchen. The cabinet change even made me almost like the countertops. Almost.


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