Brooklyn’s Birthday Party

One of Cady’s school and dance friends, Brooklyn, turned 4 this week. She invited Cady to her Princess Tea Party. It was absolutely adorable.

There was a beautifully decorated table set up for the girls

And there was a whole rack full of Princess dresses for the girls to choose from. After they picked their dress, the Fairy Godmother did their makeup (lip gloss and some glitter on their cheeks) and they chose jewels to wear.

Cady after her royal treatment

The table full of the tea party goodies

The Fairy Godmother then gave the girls “Princess Lessons”. She taught them that their beauty comes from within. She also taught them a proper curtsy and princess wave. The girls listening intently.

After the lessons, the tea party began

They acted like such little ladies! I was shocked at how quiet and polite they all were.

Cady was eating it up!

Following tea, they all decorated crowns to wear during their “Coronation”. They came out from behind the curtain

They received a certificate and were pronounced a Princess

Then they curtsied and walked the red carpet.

It was absolutely adorable and Cady had so much fun. All the little princesses

Happy Birthday, Brooklyn!!!

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