7 Year Itch

7 years doesn’t seem like such a long time, but in reality so much can happen in that time.

7 years ago, I was a 22 year old getting ready to walk down the aisle to marry my 24 year old best friend. We were just babies.

We had both just moved away from home for the first time (college didn’t really count) and were living several hundred miles from everyone and everything we knew.

In 7 years, we bought our first house and our first car not purchased by a parent.

In 7 years, we uprooted everything again and moved another several hundred miles to a city that honestly scared the daylights out of me at first. We shopped for and bought a house in three days.

In 7 years, we became parents to two unbelievable daughters.

In 7 years, we have learned how to be  grown ups. We learned how to be a wife and a husband. We learned how to communicate and disagree and makeup. We learned how to be a mother and a father. We learned how to be a team and a family.

In 7 years, I have learned that I am more and more grateful for my husband every single day and I really do love him more than I did the day before.

I love you Jason!


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