Easter Bunny Visit – 2012

We went to see the Easter Bunny today. I was actually thinking about not subjecting Hadley to it this year since she has such a strong aversion to strangers (not to mention weirdos in creepy oversized animal costumes). But then a friend posted their Easter Bunny pic on facebook, and our mall has a new Bunny. A GIRL BUNNY! She’s adorably creepy. So off we went.

Waiting for the the Bunny, I actually thought it might not go horribly. Hadley was smiling at the Easter Bunny and waving. She seemed into it. Cady was definitely into it. But…. well, I’ll let the picture speak for itself….

Pretty sad (and hilarious), huh? But how cute is that girly bunny?!?! Love it.

And just for funsies, some visits from past Easters.





Two Years Ago Today: Blue Bonnets – 2010

Three Years Ago Today: Hello?


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