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School happenings

Just a post of some random pics taken by the teachers at school. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this school?

First, this is a cell phone pic one of her teachers snapped and texted to me. How freakin’ hilarious is she?

This is two of Cady’s girlfriends at Chapel. They are just the sweetest. I love seeing her like this because I get the vision of her and her girlfriends in 10 years. It makes me smile.

They had an umbrella parade last week. I’m not really sure why because I think we missed the memo about it when Cady was out sick. I’m glad they had extra umbrellas because I surely didn’t send one with her.

Last week was also Open House. We got to visit Cady’s school as a family and see what she has been working on. She showed off all her artwork

Funny story from Open House: In Library time they read a book called Knuffle Bunny and then they made their own Knuffle Bunnies, basically a sock stuffed with batting with a face drawn on. We got to pick it up from school that evening and take it home with us. Cady let Hadley hold her Knuffle Bunny and Hadley immediately hugged it tight and I knew right away that it was going to cause an issue. Hadley was attached and Cady wanted it back. So all the way home we listened to Hadley cry about the bunny. First thing I did when we arrived home was grab an old sock and make Hadley a Knuffle Bunny.

It’s not the most professional thing ever, but look at how happy it makes her.

She has slept with it every night since and carries it around a lot.

And this week, I decided Cady’s teachers are geniuses. They requested that we save empty boxes of food and the such for a grocery store. The kids made a list.

And then went shopping in the “grocery store”

One of her teachers ran the register and the other bagged their groceries.

Don’t you hate long lines at the check out lanes?

Another satisfied customer

So satisfied that these boxes are the greatest toy both girls have ever gotten. They have played with what is basically other people’s trash non stop. Cady woke up talking about it this morning.


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Brooklyn’s Birthday Party

One of Cady’s school and dance friends, Brooklyn, turned 4 this week. She invited Cady to her Princess Tea Party. It was absolutely adorable.

There was a beautifully decorated table set up for the girls

And there was a whole rack full of Princess dresses for the girls to choose from. After they picked their dress, the Fairy Godmother did their makeup (lip gloss and some glitter on their cheeks) and they chose jewels to wear.

Cady after her royal treatment

The table full of the tea party goodies

The Fairy Godmother then gave the girls “Princess Lessons”. She taught them that their beauty comes from within. She also taught them a proper curtsy and princess wave. The girls listening intently.

After the lessons, the tea party began

They acted like such little ladies! I was shocked at how quiet and polite they all were.

Cady was eating it up!

Following tea, they all decorated crowns to wear during their “Coronation”. They came out from behind the curtain

They received a certificate and were pronounced a Princess

Then they curtsied and walked the red carpet.

It was absolutely adorable and Cady had so much fun. All the little princesses

Happy Birthday, Brooklyn!!!

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For the birds

Lowe’s has these awesome little kits with different projects for kids. They are simple. They come with everything you need. So Cady and Jason decided they wanted to build a bird feeder for her “birdie friends”

She really did it by herself. Jason made sure the nails were all the way in, but she did everything else.

And she did a fabulous job

It started raining when we hung it up, and really hasn’t stopped until this morning. So today Cady and I will put some food in there for the birds.

I definitely think we will be doing some more of these kits. Cady had so much fun.

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7 Year Itch

7 years doesn’t seem like such a long time, but in reality so much can happen in that time.

7 years ago, I was a 22 year old getting ready to walk down the aisle to marry my 24 year old best friend. We were just babies.

We had both just moved away from home for the first time (college didn’t really count) and were living several hundred miles from everyone and everything we knew.

In 7 years, we bought our first house and our first car not purchased by a parent.

In 7 years, we uprooted everything again and moved another several hundred miles to a city that honestly scared the daylights out of me at first. We shopped for and bought a house in three days.

In 7 years, we became parents to two unbelievable daughters.

In 7 years, we have learned how to beĀ  grown ups. We learned how to be a wife and a husband. We learned how to communicate and disagree and makeup. We learned how to be a mother and a father. We learned how to be a team and a family.

In 7 years, I have learned that I am more and more grateful for my husband every single day and I really do love him more than I did the day before.

I love you Jason!


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Spring Pics – 2012

Cady had Spring pictures at school recently. My precious brown-eyed girl (that looks so much like her Daddy!!!) is so grown up.


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Easter Bunny Visit – 2012

We went to see the Easter Bunny today. I was actually thinking about not subjecting Hadley to it this year since she has such a strong aversion to strangers (not to mention weirdos in creepy oversized animal costumes). But then a friend posted their Easter Bunny pic on facebook, and our mall has a new Bunny. A GIRL BUNNY! She’s adorably creepy. So off we went.

Waiting for the the Bunny, I actually thought it might not go horribly. Hadley was smiling at the Easter Bunny and waving. She seemed into it. Cady was definitely into it. But…. well, I’ll let the picture speak for itself….

Pretty sad (and hilarious), huh? But how cute is that girly bunny?!?! Love it.

And just for funsies, some visits from past Easters.





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