Random school pictures

I’m sure I’ve done this before (right?). Cady’s pre-school has iPads and tablets in every classroom. The kids gets to play educational games on them. And that’s great, but most importantly the teachers can take pics of the kids and share them with us! I love seeing parts of her day that I wouldn’t otherwise get to see.  I’ve been gathering some cute ones and I’m going to share them now.

This is just a random one of Cady and her friend Ella doing something craft (and messy, if I recall correctly)

In February, she had a SUPER exciting day. Her birthday fell on Wednesday, so we chose the next day to celebrate with her school friends. She was so excited.

To make their day even more special, they get to go up on stage during Chapel and have all the other kids sing to them. Cady is quite the ham, so this thrilled her little soul.

Look at the grin!

And this is just a sweet one of her and her friend, Alex.

After Chapel, she got to share cupcakes with all her classmates.

As if all that wasn’t exciting enough for one day, her class had a field trip that day! Her very first field trip. She was slightly disappointed to not get to ride a school bus (seriously, if she had a bucket list it would top it). But she was excited nonetheless.

They went to a local gymnastics studio.

After this experience and a recent birthday party at another gymnastics place, we may have found this girl’s niche. Little Miss No Fear loves gymnastics.

And finally, they had Rodeo Day last week. They did fun rodeo related activities. They ate a rodeo lunch and took rodeo pictures.

How funny is it that all these little kids have boots??!?! Even the girls. It’s Texas, y’all.

And just for funsies: Her rodeo pics from last year



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