Baby Names

For the most part, the people who read my blog are all people who know me, Jason and the girls. It is our friends and family from here and Arkansas and Tennessee. (And yes, I know who you guys are, for the most part. My statistics are pretty detailed. I’m watching you 😉 ). But I have linked up with some popular link party posts on blogs like Kelly’s Korner and others. And those still bring in quite a bit of traffic daily. And recently I’ve gotten several emails from people asking where the girl’s names came from. So ask and you shall receive, I aim to please, and all that good stuff.

I’ve always preferred somewhat different names. Nothing crazy, but I also didn’t want my kid to be one of 5 Madison’s in her kindergarten class. So uniqueness is something that mattered to us. When I got pregnant with Cadence, we actually settled on a boy’s name pretty quickly, but had no clue on a girls name for a while. I would throw names out at Jason, and he would shoot them all down. One night, he was perusing a baby name website and tossed Cadence out. I guess it is used in football terminology (the down, set, hut business). Honestly, I wasn’t a fan at first. I mulled it over for a little while, and it started growing on me. I had never really heard the name before. Since, it has become a bit more popular. I see a lot of “misspellings” of it. We decided to go traditional with that. I’m not a huge fan of random Y’s in names. And as a Courtney, I like the letter C much better than K.

Her middle name was fairly easy to come up with. I was always very close with my maternal Grandmother and always loved her name, and I really feel strongly about being able to use the naming of children to honor loved ones. So I always knew that my children’s middle names would be family names. So Cozette was a no brainer. It flowed well (yes, I practiced yelling it all together) and Cozette is unique and beautiful. That is how Cadence Cozette came to be.

It fits her, yes?

With Hadley, *I* decided very early on what her name would be. Several months before I got pregnant with Hadley, I was pregnant and miscarried. So I was very much in baby planning mode for many months before she was even conceived. Again unique without being weird was a top priority. I was looking through registries of graveyards from the area in which my parents grew up (what? doesn’t everyone do that? LOL). And I came across someone (a man) named Hadley. I just couldn’t get the name out of my head. I couldn’t really see naming a boy that, but I adored it for a girl. After I became pregnant with Hadley, I basically told Jason that would be the name if she was a girl. He didn’t agree necessarily, but he also didn’t disagree. The day we found out she was a girl, he started trying to come up with other names, but she had been and was a Hadley to me. So I ordered some monogram clothing to make it official. You can’t argue with that. We decided on a traditional spelling again. No Hadleigh’s or Hadlee’s for this girl.

Again, her middle name is a family name. Elizabeth is Jason’s mom’ middle name and we knew that is what we would use for a girl’s middle name from basically right after we decided on Cady’s name.Plus, I like that the girls both have Z’s in the middle names. Another naming quirk of mine, I suppose. Don’t know how I will continue the Z thing if we have any more children.

And how could this little thing not be a Hadley?



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2 responses to “Baby Names

  1. tiffany jurkash

    what is hadley’s middle name? did i miss it?! I am so curious now:)

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