15 Months

Happy 15 Months sweet Hadley Elizabeth!

I couldn’t love that precious little face any more. I can easily say that this age is one of my favorites. She learns something new and fun every single day. And I just don’t see how she could get sweeter. She is such a little lovebug.

She is such a good little talker. She has tons of words. Please is a favorite because she knows it gets her things. And really it is almost impossible to resist those big blue eyes when she said “Pweese?” I’m such a sucker.

She is becoming such a little person. She is my little helper. She will drop everything and literally come running if I am emptying the dishwasher. It is the biggest treat for her to get to help me with it. She also loves to help with the laundry like her big sister did.

Hadley is slowly coming out of her shell. We had a few weeks there where things were almost painful because of her shyness and stranger aversion. But she seems to be slowly overcoming it. That is a huge difference between Hadley and Cady. Cady has never had a moment of shyness.

On that same note, I signed Hadley up for the Pre-School Prep program at the same school Cady attends. Starting in September she will attend one day a week. I think it will be very good for her to have an opportunity to socialize without me around. I am nervous about her transition, but I do know it is the best thing for her.

I will be taking both the girls to the pediatrician soon for their 4 year and 15 month appointments, so I should have measurements soon.

We love you, Hadley Elizabeth.

Comparison Pics:

One Year Ago Today: 3 Months

Two Years Ago Today: This is Serwious!


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