Hadley is really making huge strides with her language. I don’t know that anyone else can understand her, but I can. She will try to repeat pretty much anything and is successful most of the time. This morning I got her to repeat “Oh Tootles” (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) and she got the basic sounds and rhythm of “Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog”

One word that blows my mind everytime she says it is “Brutus” I don’t know why it would be any different than momma, dadda, and cady. It is probably what she hears the most after those (strike that. No is probably what she hears most after those. Brutus is close though). Here she is saying it and just being silly in general. “Brutus” is around the 45 second mark. Followed by baby, which she calls Brutus when she wants him to play with her. LOL.



One Year Ago Today: The Progression of a Fit



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