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Hadley is really making huge strides with her language. I don’t know that anyone else can understand her, but I can. She will try to repeat pretty much anything and is successful most of the time. This morning I got her to repeat “Oh Tootles” (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) and she got the basic sounds and rhythm of “Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog”

One word that blows my mind everytime she says it is “Brutus” I don’t know why it would be any different than momma, dadda, and cady. It is probably what she hears the most after those (strike that. No is probably what she hears most after those. Brutus is close though). Here she is saying it and just being silly in general. “Brutus” is around the 45 second mark. Followed by baby, which she calls Brutus when she wants him to play with her. LOL.



One Year Ago Today: The Progression of a Fit



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Outside time

We have been having some amazing weather. Highs in the mid 70’s. I wish it could be this way year round. It is perfect. Cady plays outside pretty much every day, and since it has been so warm she is outside much of the day. This weekend we decided to make it a family thing. Hadley is just now getting to the age where she won’t automatically put everything in her mouth. She loves being outdoors. So I foresee much of my days being spent outside with these crazy girls.

While we were out there I decided to play with some of my camera settings. This is very picture heavy. Mostly of Hadley because Cady was far too busy to let me take a good picture of her.

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14 Months

Happy 14 Months Hadley Elizabeth!

I don’t have any official measurements, but I know that she has hit a growth spurt. She is now wearing mostly 24 month/2T clothing. Some 18 month will fit as long as the length isn’t necessary, but 12 month is out for sure. I swear she will be as tall as Cady in a few months. She goes back for a 15 month checkup next month, so we will know then just how much taller she is.

She got her first haircut this month. I don’t have any picture of it because I was holding her while Ms. Rebecca cut it. It was mainly just the mullet issues in the back because I’m not ready to lose those curls.

She has really started testing boundaries this month. She likes to throw a good tantrum when she gets told no. But we are working on it, and I know it is a process. It is much less frustrating the second time around. Someone remind me of this when she is three and making me pull my hair out.

She is super loving. She loves giving kisses and hugs. She is also starting to love to help. She helps me unload the dishwasher and she is starting to help me with laundry. I love this phase. I remember it so well with Cady and it really is just one of the sweetest times there is with toddlers.

Comparison Pic:

We love you, Hadley Elizabeth!

One Year Ago Today: 2 Months

Two Years Ago Today: Decorating The Christmas Tree

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47 Months Old

Happy 47 Months Cady Cupcake!

She is almost 4. I know I say it every January, but how is she almost 4?!? Such a big girl!

She is just a little ray of sunshine. She loves to laugh. She loves to make other people laugh. She really is a little comedian. I know sometimes (most of the time?) she doesn’t mean to, but she can crack me up more than anyone else.

I just love her sunny little personality and can’t wait to see what year #5 brings.

We love you Cady Cupcake!

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A girl and her dog

Hadley got a LeapFrog Scout for her birthday. It is such an awesome toy. Cady had that creepy Fisher Price dog, and had a lot of fun with him. Scout is similar but WAY cooler. You can connect him to the the computer via a USB and from there you can personalize him. He can know your child’s name (and they had Hadley on the list!) and you can pick what songs he sings and different things like that. It is pretty awesome. Needless to say, Hadley loves that Scout knows her name. She was being pretty cute with him yesterday.


One Year Ago Today: Santa’s Gifts



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Bye Bye


One Year Ago Today: Happy New Year!


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Happy New Year!

Last night we kept things low key. Jason’s birthday is today so Cady and I made him a cake yesterday.

We had a Mexican fiesta. We had a yummy 7 layer dip to snack on and tacos for dinner. Afterwards we sang “Happy Birthday” and cut into the cake. Happy Birthday, Jason!

We also got some sparklers and poppers for Cady. She loved it!

I also found a “Year End Interview” on Pinterest. I love these things because little kids are pretty stinkin’ funny. So I asked Cady the questions. I hope to this with both the girls every year. These are her direct quotes.

What is your favorite food? Blueberries

Why? They are sweet.

What is your favorite thing? Jumping

Why? It is fun to jump.

What is your favorite thing to do? Play.

Why? It is SOOOO fun to play.

What is your favorite movie? Sleeping Beauty

Why? I love her. She is my favorite Princess.

What is your favorite tv show? Football (her dad is so proud)

Why? I love football. I JUST love it.

What is your favorite book? That animal one.

Why? Because I love animals.

What was your favorite part of the holidays? I liked helping decorate the Christmas tree. I like ornaments.

What do you want to do next year? Celebrate my birthday. I’m going to be 4 years old!

For 2012 I just want happiness and health for us all. If that health comes in the form of a 5-10 lb weight loss for me, that will be thrilling. But I’ll be happy with no broken bones and no just well checkups at the dr’s office.

Happy Birthday Jason and Happy New Year to all.


One Year Ago Today: Happy Birthday


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