Christmas – 2011

We have had a wonderful Christmas weekend. Nana and PawPaw John arrived Friday night for a visit.

Christmas Eve day, they took Cady to see the new Chipmunk movie, or Alvin and the Ship as she called it. She loved it. That left just Hadley, Jason and myself to bum around the house. Hadley needed to rest up for the excitement of the coming night, so she fell asleep on Jason’s lap.

How precious is she? I really think she is working on her molars or a growth spurt, maybe both. All she has wanted to do is sleep and eat (I don’t blame her, though).

Saturday night, we had a fabulous Christmas Eve dinner(Prime Rib, creamed spinach, twice baked sweet potatoes and more!) that Jason and I collaborated on. Afterwards, we headed out in the rain to look at a few light displays. When we got back, Cady and I made some reindeer food and sprinkled it in the yard for Santa’s reindeer. Then all good little girls went to bed, and Santa’s elves went to work.

All Cady asked for was a Dora kitchen. She already had a garage sale special, and I felt like if we were going to get a new one that we should get an upgrade. So we searched and search and found one we really liked that had great reviews. When we went to purchase it, we saw these little appliances, and decided we should get those as well.

Jason and I had actually put together the kitchen for the girl’s the day before during naptime. We stored it in the garage under a blanket. So all we had to do was bring it in and set their appliances out.

After we decided the display was perfect, we partook of cookies and milk and headed to bed.

I don’t know if the girls could have been more excited than I was. I was looking so forward to seeing Cady’s reaction. This year has been so awesome because Cady is so into Christmas. And her reaction did not disappoint. She was so excited!

While Cady and Hadley checked out the kitchen and all the goodies from Santa, I put the finishing touches on some baked french toast to stick in the oven while we opened gifts. The girls tore into all their gifts. Jason and I did too! We ate a yummy breakfast. We lounged and played with all our loot. Naps have been taken, and Chinese food is on the agenda for tonight. Pretty much a perfect Christmas weekend!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!



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