46 Months


Happy 46 Months Cady Cupcake.

This month, minus a few moments, I’ve felt like the torturous 3’s are over! I may be speaking too soon, but I really do feel like we have turned a corner with Cady behavior. There is much much less back talking, and any that does happen can be pointed out and will change. Definitely less disobeying, and a lot fewer tantrums. She is always a sweet girl, but I don’t have to keep repeating it to myself all day šŸ˜‰

She is still an absolutely fabulous big sister. I was really curious how things would go after Hadley became more and more mobile and got into her stuff more and more. She has adapted amazingly. She is wonderful about sharing with Hadley and wanting to play with her. She has her moments when she wants to be alone and do her own thing (who doesn’t?), and she will just go in her room and close her door. She really does adore Hadley (probably not as much as Hadley adores her). When they play together and I hear them laughing together, every stressful moment of having 2 kids melts away in an instance.

I don’t know if it is being a big sister or just part of her nature, but she is very caring. She is sort of motherly naturally it seems. Her teachers told me today that she tends to kind of take care of some of the other kids. She has also been asking some kind of serious questions. We’ve discussed why people have different skin colors, and her capacity to understand just amazes me. She is a pretty awesome little kid that sometimes leaves me speechless (in a good way).

She is doing great on the reading and writing front. She can write her name really well and has several other letters down pat. She is starting to sound out at least the first letter of words. If she has a few words in front of her, she can sound it out and pick out the correct word most times. She is well on her way to reading.

She is just such a joy to us. 2011 has been awesome, and I can’t wait for 2012 with my Cupcake.

We love you, Cady Cupcake!

One Year Ago Today: 34 Months

Three Years Ago Today: 10 Months


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  1. Kerry

    I agree, she is pretty awesome.

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