Christmas Program 2011

Cady’s Christmas Program at school was last night. I’m pretty sure I live for these. A bunch of little kids ages 1-5 on stage, dressed super cute, singing sweet songs, and being freakin’ hilarious? I’ll take it!

Before we left the house I had to get some cute pics of the girls. I love their dresses so much. I’ve had them in the closet since September and have been itching to get them in them.

While we were waiting for the show to start, Hadley could not be contained. Jason and I took turns chasing her around. She was a walking machine

Action shot!

And just a shot of the back of her dress

And a video. This is her “Super Hadley” move

Then it was show time.

Cady coming in

Lilly, Cady and Parker

And the three Amigos. Brooklen, Lilly and Cady

How cute is this one?

And now for the videos. I can’t explain the comedy show that was put on. Cady and Lilly were cracking me up the whole time. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I didn’t get too many of their antics on video. It would seem they behaved and performed perfectly with the shots I got. I missed the exhibitionist moments (why, oh, why did I not put bloomers on under Cady’s dress?). And I JUST missed the eye exams with the electric candles. Crazy kids.


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