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2011 In Review

2010 was an amazing year in my book. We received the amazing blessing of our sweet Hadley girl. I’ve enjoyed 2011 just as much because we’ve gotten to watch her grow.

We rang the New Year in early morning style

There were Pj’s, sister time, friends, and a few tears.

February was all about Valentine’s and Birthday Girls.

March brought the Rodeo, the Luck of the Irish, and HUGE smiles (and thighs, LOL)

April brought BlueBells, Bunnies, and silly friends

For Cady, May was all about water fun, Dentists, dance recitals, and girl time. Hadley just got in a few zzz’s.

June brought fun with cousins, Summer School, Swim lessons, and the beach!

July was zoo time, The Fourth, and a new addition to the family.

August was all about outside fun, dance camps and Back to School.

September gave us football fun, time with Grandma and PawPaw Wayne, and more fun times at school.

October was all about Kindermusik, pumpkin patches and Halloween!

November was all about this girl and her cake

And finally, Decemeber has been about the most fun Christmas I have ever experienced.

I can’t wait for 2012! Happy New Year, y’all!!!


One year ago today: 2010 in Review


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Top 10 posts in 2011

I am working on my year end review. I thought it would be fun to look back at the Top 10 Viewed Posts this year.

10. Knock, Knock

9. Nursery Rhymes

8. How Hadley Gets Around

7. Pumpkin Patch 2010 (not sure why this one is still so popular)

6. Happy Birthday, Cady (again, not sure why this is so popular after almost 3 years)

5. Competimoms and What Kids Should Know

4. By Popular Demand…

3. Nursery Pics

2. Cady’s Room

1. Cady’s 3rd Birthday Party


One Year Ago Today: Top Posts in 2010


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Christmas – 2011

We have had a wonderful Christmas weekend. Nana and PawPaw John arrived Friday night for a visit.

Christmas Eve day, they took Cady to see the new Chipmunk movie, or Alvin and the Ship as she called it. She loved it. That left just Hadley, Jason and myself to bum around the house. Hadley needed to rest up for the excitement of the coming night, so she fell asleep on Jason’s lap.

How precious is she? I really think she is working on her molars or a growth spurt, maybe both. All she has wanted to do is sleep and eat (I don’t blame her, though).

Saturday night, we had a fabulous Christmas Eve dinner(Prime Rib, creamed spinach, twice baked sweet potatoes and more!) that Jason and I collaborated on. Afterwards, we headed out in the rain to look at a few light displays. When we got back, Cady and I made some reindeer food and sprinkled it in the yard for Santa’s reindeer. Then all good little girls went to bed, and Santa’s elves went to work.

All Cady asked for was a Dora kitchen. She already had a garage sale special, and I felt like if we were going to get a new one that we should get an upgrade. So we searched and search and found one we really liked that had great reviews. When we went to purchase it, we saw these little appliances, and decided we should get those as well.

Jason and I had actually put together the kitchen for the girl’s the day before during naptime. We stored it in the garage under a blanket. So all we had to do was bring it in and set their appliances out.

After we decided the display was perfect, we partook of cookies and milk and headed to bed.

I don’t know if the girls could have been more excited than I was. I was looking so forward to seeing Cady’s reaction. This year has been so awesome because Cady is so into Christmas. And her reaction did not disappoint. She was so excited!

While Cady and Hadley checked out the kitchen and all the goodies from Santa, I put the finishing touches on some baked french toast to stick in the oven while we opened gifts. The girls tore into all their gifts. Jason and I did too! We ate a yummy breakfast. We lounged and played with all our loot. Naps have been taken, and Chinese food is on the agenda for tonight. Pretty much a perfect Christmas weekend!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


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Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas!

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Hadley’s 1 Year Stats

Or actually her 13 months stats since I’m a appointment making slacker.

Hadley weighs 22 lbs 5 oz. This puts her in the 60th percentile for weight. So about average. Cady weighed 19lbs 12 oz at this age.

She is 32 inches tall. Which is at the very top of the charts for height. Still a very, very tall girl.Cady was only 30 inches tall. So Hadley has a whole two inches on her. This is why the child is wearing 18 month and 24 month clothing at 13 months old! It has actually worked out well because the seasons would have been off for all our hand me downs otherwise.;)

She got 4 shots, one of the being her flu shot. Cady got her flu mist (praise the Lord for whomever invented that business). And then they just ruined everyone’s day. They had to draw blood. This was done by finger prick. I can’t think of anything worse than a finger prick. I might choose childbirth over a finger prick. As least you get an epidural. I’m not the type of mom who gets stressed out or weepy over my kid’s shots. I’m not judging if you are, but that just isn’t my personality. But holding her down as she screamed while they filled two vials of blood from her finger was absolutely torturous.

But Hadley is right on track and doing wonderfully.


One Year Ago Today: Message From Santa



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Gingerbread House – 2011

Cady and I decorated our Gingerbread house this weekend. I got smart this year, and bought one that was already put together. Genius! As always, I wielded the frosting, while Cady directed and made her vision come alive.

And the beautiful final product.


One Year Ago Today: Impromptu Photo Shoot


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Girls just wanna have fun

We had some Get Well balloons given to us over a month ago when Cady hurt her leg. The girls were getting a big kick out of them on Friday.



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13 Months

Happy 13 Months Hadley Elizabeth!

This month I want to kind of remember what her schedule is like at this age.

Hadley wakes up around 7 am. She has a cup of milk immediately (She is completely on whole milk and drinks only out of sippy cups).

She eats breakfast between 8 and 9. After that, depending on the day, she and Cady play a lot together. I join in when I can, but I also use the mornings to get stuff done around here.

Between 11 and 12, I start lunch. After lunch, we usually try to have more low key time. Read some books and other quiet activities.

Hadley goes down for a nap at 1. She normally naps for about 2 hours. Most of the time she is awake before Cady, so I use that time to sit with her and talk and play and laugh, one on one.

After Cady wakes up, I’m old news and Cady is the one she is interested in. We eat dinner between 5:30-6:30.

By 6:30, she is very ready to start her bedtime routine. She and Cady like to take a bath together and play. After bath, she immediately heads to bed. She is still having a bit of trouble falling asleep on her own. We rock her for a few minutes to have some cuddle time and wind down time. But she still fusses for a little while after we put her in her crib.

She has basically set this schedule for herself and it works really well.

She is changing so much. I forgot how quickly things change at this age.

I think she has a larger vocabulary right now than Cady did at this time. Her current words (and by words, I mean I know what she is saying. I don’t think anyone else would) are Mama, Dada, Hi, Bye, Doggy, Uh-oh and I swear she has a word for Cady. It doesn’t sound anything like Cady, but I swear that is what she means when she says it.

She is a walker. She can stand up on her own and she loves the independence of walking.

I still don’t have her 1 year stats because I’m a slacker and just scheduled her appointment for next week.

We love you, Hadley Elizabeth!

Comparison Pic:

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Kindermusik, Christmas Party, and Santa

Yesterday was a busy day. Cady’s Christmas party for school was yesterday (we are on break until the new year, time to break out the crafts) and Hadley’s last day of Kindermusik for the session was also yesterday. Both are important events to me, so I didn’t want to miss either. Luckily Jason had a personal day he needed to take before the end of the year, so he decided to spend the day with us.

After we dropped Cady off at school, we rushed to Kindermusik. We’ve really enjoyed this session. First, the other parents and kids are just a great group. It makes it so much more fun if there is a fun group of people to spend that hour with. All the kids are right around the same age, so it is fun to watch them together. And the parents are just really fun folks. We hope to have most in our class next year.

I was able to capture some shots during drum time.

Hadley and her buddy, Conway, sharing the drum so nicely.

After Kindermusik and some lunch, we headed back to Cady’s school for the Christmas party.

We made all her friends and classmates cute little goodies (inspired by a Pinterest idea, of course)

They had so much fun at the party. Lunch was Chik-Fil-A, which is always a winner. They made a couple of really adorable crafts and were just wild and crazy 3 year olds.

Cady was sad to leave because she is going to miss her friends and her teachers so much over the next couple of weeks. I can’t say enough how much we adore Ms. Kelly and Ms. Vicki. They are pretty much the best ever.

After naps, we decided to go pay Santa at the mall a visit. I was hoping by going on an off day at an off time, we might be able to miss the crowds. I was right! One group was in front of us. We didn’t have to wait long at all. I wasn’t sure how Hadley would react, but I was very prepared for her to cry. She did not disappoint.

She would cry, stop, look at Santa, and cry some more. It was hilarious. Poor little Pork Chop. I think I can get one more crying Easter Bunny picture, and our crying days are likely over. Hadley will probably be a huge Santa fan by next Christmas.

It was a fabulous fun filled day!

One Year Ago Today: By Popular Demand…

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46 Months


Happy 46 Months Cady Cupcake.

This month, minus a few moments, I’ve felt like the torturous 3’s are over! I may be speaking too soon, but I really do feel like we have turned a corner with Cady behavior. There is much much less back talking, and any that does happen can be pointed out and will change. Definitely less disobeying, and a lot fewer tantrums. She is always a sweet girl, but I don’t have to keep repeating it to myself all day 😉

She is still an absolutely fabulous big sister. I was really curious how things would go after Hadley became more and more mobile and got into her stuff more and more. She has adapted amazingly. She is wonderful about sharing with Hadley and wanting to play with her. She has her moments when she wants to be alone and do her own thing (who doesn’t?), and she will just go in her room and close her door. She really does adore Hadley (probably not as much as Hadley adores her). When they play together and I hear them laughing together, every stressful moment of having 2 kids melts away in an instance.

I don’t know if it is being a big sister or just part of her nature, but she is very caring. She is sort of motherly naturally it seems. Her teachers told me today that she tends to kind of take care of some of the other kids. She has also been asking some kind of serious questions. We’ve discussed why people have different skin colors, and her capacity to understand just amazes me. She is a pretty awesome little kid that sometimes leaves me speechless (in a good way).

She is doing great on the reading and writing front. She can write her name really well and has several other letters down pat. She is starting to sound out at least the first letter of words. If she has a few words in front of her, she can sound it out and pick out the correct word most times. She is well on her way to reading.

She is just such a joy to us. 2011 has been awesome, and I can’t wait for 2012 with my Cupcake.

We love you, Cady Cupcake!

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