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Happy Birthday, Hadley!

We drove the 8 hours to Arkansas on Hadley’s actual birthday. We arrived at Nana’s house and Hadley opened her first gifts.

Cady helped.

What a cute little Birthday Girl!

The following Sunday, we threw Hadley a birthday party attended by our family and closest friends. I think First birthdays shouldn’t be too over the top, so we kept it small and simple. It was perfect. I had been planning a Nursery Rhyme themed party probably since before Hadley was born. I had a ton of cute ideas. Then I got into the logistics of the party. We decided to have it at a park in our hometown. A park means outside. In November. Yeah…. I’m a little crazy. Really though, it was the best option. They have these really nice pavilions, and most of them have fireplaces inside. Possible cold weather. Fireplaces. S’mores just seemed such a natural choice. So the Nursery Rhyme theme was out the window and “One is S’MORE fun!” was in.

I decided against going real theme-y with her outfit. Or even getting a “birthday shirt” I got her something she can wear again (as long as it fits) that would be appropriate if it was cold.

For the S’more theme we obviously had the makings of S’mores. But not just your plain old marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolates. I found 7 or 8 different flavors of marshmallows, several graham cracker flavors, and I grabbed a few different kinds of chocolates. I made a S’mores bar for everyone to put together their own gourmet S’mores.

But you can’t have a birthday party without cakes/cupcakes. Continuing with the theme, a local bakery was able to whip up some (DELICIOUS) S’more cupcakes, and a smash cake for Hadley.

Hadley, being the food lover that she is, had no problem digging right into her smash cake.

Even though she loved it so much, she was sweet and willing to share.

Cake = HUGE success

I, unfortunately, didn’t get many pics of our guests. Poppa was there

So, was my BFF, Jenny. She brought Hadley’s bff, Charlotte, with her.

The girls’ cousin, Jonathan was there. He and Cady got along very well and had a great time together.

And just a few of that sweet older sister. She just melts me.


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