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12 Months

Happy 12 Months Hadley Elizabeth!

I’m a little late on this post. We traveled back to Arkansas on Hadley’s actual birthday, so I wasn’t able to post then. I did get her sweet little picture before we left. So I am back dating this post for my own reference.

Hadley is a bit of a contradiction. She is a shy girl. She is timid and definitely takes her time getting to know anyone. But I don’t know that I consider her introverted. She is emotional and has a definite temper, and she definitely lets people know it. She isn’t as laid back as Cady was at this age.

We discovered, during our trip to Arkansas, that she isn’t the best traveler. I’m not giving up on her yet though. She did much better driving home than she did going to. So I’m holding out hope that she will get better with a little experience.

She started walking this month! She seems to do things a little out of order with everything though. She was crawling (or her version of it) before she would sit up on her own. Now she walks, and she is all over the place, before she is able to stand on her own. I definitely learned to just let her figure it out and not stress about it during the crawling thing, so I know that she will get it soon. So I don’t consider her a full time walker, but any day now.

I don’t have any stats because I haven’t even scheduled her 12 month appointment yet (Meep! Gotta get on that!). We had a wonderful birthday party for her back in Arkansas and I will be writing that post up right after this one and scheduling it for tomorrow.

I really am in awe that this year has gone by so fast. Hadley has just brought so much joy into all three of our lives. I love every day better than the last because of Cady and Hadley and their interactions. I don’t know which adores the other more.

We love you, Hadley Elizabeth!

Comparison pics:

And her first year of Monthly Pics


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