Day 1

Well my patient has survived the first day. I’m not so confident I have. I am EXHAUSTED! There is a reason newborns don’t weigh 35 pounds. I’m going to need a chiropractic appointment, a massage, and a stiff drink after this is all over.

She had a few visitors today which just thrilled her little soul. A boy brought her flowers, even! (Thanks, Owen!). Ms. Rebecca and Ms. Brittany also also brought her a cake. Thanks y’all. We also have had so many calls, texts and emails/facebook messages. It has meant so much to me. Especially since I am feeling a little cut out and stuck in the house.

She is scheduled to see the ortho on Wednesday. So, if you are a pray-er, say one for us. Specifically, for me to have patience with her and for her that she won’t be in pain and that things will go smoothly at the doctor on Wednesday. And if you aren’t a pray-er, just send out some good thoughts for us. We will take what we can get.

I will definitely update after her dr’s appt.


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  1. Awww, We actually have a little goody bag for Cady. We will drop it off on Wednesday when we’re out. Just stuff to keep her busy……hopefully. Should I drop off a bottle of wine too?

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