Another Mom Milestone

Why do all these seem not so fun?

I dealt with the first stomach viruses a few weeks ago. And today, we had our first ER trip complete with a broken bone.

We headed to a friend’s house for a little going away get together. Cady headed straight to the bounce house in the backyard. She wasn’t inside for 5 minutes before she came out bawling. All I could get out of her is that her leg hurt because she “bended it.” I, at first, thought she was being a bit dramatic. It was lunchtime and she hadn’t eaten yet. I got her calmed down and sat her down with a plate of food. Even after that, she still was refusing to put weight on her left leg. We decided to head home. I was still on the fence about how badly she was hurt. She took a nap and I hoped she would wake up and be able to bear weight. No such luck, so we headed to the ER clinic.

Luckily, a brand new ER clinic just opened next to our house. It is super nice. They took such good care of Cady. We were only there for an hour and a half or so. They took xrays and determined that she has a buckle fracture of the proximal tibia. It is right at her knee. I think the treatment for such is normally a cast, but they want us to follow up with an orthopedist this week, so they just put a splint on it to immobilize it.

At the time, I was surprisingly calm about it all. She wasn’t in pain unless she put weight on it or moved it. No big deal. We left the ER and headed home. Once we got home, it started hitting me how difficult this might be. Plus, it means no activities for a few weeks. No school (I haven’t broken the news on that one yet. She is going to be devastated). No dance class, which means no Christmas performance. Also devastating. I am hoping that when we go to the ortho that they will say this is all a mistake and she is fine. I doubt that will happen, but I can always hope.

We made it through the first night. It is similar to having a newborn. I have to carry her everywhere (3 year olds and crutches? Not happening) and I have to get up in the night to help her get to the bathroom. Hopefully we can get in quick to the ortho and have a better idea of what we are facing for the next few weeks. Say a prayer for us.




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  1. Praying for all of you! You know if you ever need anything, I always run 4 million errands. So, I can always swing by to drop things off to you!! 🙂

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