We had a really great weekend. Saturday, we had our family pictures and they went so well. Hadley wasn’t super smiley, but she didn’t cry. That’s a win in my book! We used the same photographer that took Hadley’s newborn photos, so I know we are going to love what we come up with. Can’t wait to see them.

Saturday, UCA had a big win in an important game. We have only one loss for the season. Hadley was excited!

Sunday, Cady went on a date with Daddy to see Puss in Boots in 3d! She loved it. Hadley and I hung out at the house. My baby was feeling a bit under the weather. Just a little cold or allergies. But she is much better this morning

And now just some random pics from that past week to catch everyone up.

Hadley wore some overalls this week. It was ADORABLE, and her Poppa was very proud.

And we had a great time in Kindermusik. She is really starting to open up and be a little less shy in class.

Noming on shaker

That’s her good buddy, Harvey, in the background.

She wasn’t interested in “threading the needle”, but that bowl made a great accessory.

She really loves herself.

Double vision

Not so sure about the towel ride

Spending some time on the parachute

3 Years Ago Today: November 7th, 2008


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